Alicia H. Torres


Creativity is my motivator, what truly comes from the inside out and the only thing that brings me satisfaction and happiness. My work contains the beauty and the admiration of the world. I follow in my abstraction the path of life and its elements. The texture, composition and intense colors are the main elements of my paintings put into a paper, canvas or a board. The figures are ambiguous, sometimes distorted to make abstraction, scattered all over the sea, the earth, the sky, the mountain, where they are seen and suddenly disappear creating a play before our eyes. I use brush marks, light and heavy layers of paint, paper, gesso, oxide or fabric to create a hybrid art form in any composition. My goal and desire are to release emotions in my paintings where they become a language to communicate with the spectator where each one provides a different interpretation but they still keep the universal meaning. Painting is my way of expression and my joy of living. My soul is left in every work of art which is inspired by the simplest things of life and the grandeur of the creation.