Alejandro Mazon


Artist Statement

I am Cuban by birth Spanish by blood and America by necessity. Since my career began in 1990, my artistic vocabulary has centered on the exploration of these identities. Like many Cuban-American Artist of my generation, I have used the feelings of exile, memory, alienation, assimilation, rebirth, triumph and reintegration as the foundations of my work.

From the beginning I have intentionally denied artistic originality, by appropriating images from the old masters, Goya, Velásquez, Bosh, and Ingres to name a few. The aim was to establish a dialog between them and I, and to experiment with the tensions between artists at opposite ends of a spectrum and considerable spans of time. Ironically over the years my very denial of artistic originality and my appropriations of images has produced an extensive body of work which is not only original, but has often been referred to as "Mazonesque".

After fifteen years of working on the hard, unbendable surfaces of wooden panels, I began painting on the delicate surfaces of vintage wallpapers. Lately I have begun incorporating found objects. This allows for a totally different iconography, and has taken my paintings even further into a genre between two and three dimensional perspective.

In this most recent series of works, I am moving to supersede the boundaries of the medium,and having the viewer experience the work not only as a painting, but as an object. Any stories, messages, or statements are purely coincidental. I work instinctualy with out any preconceived ideas orpremeditated thought. Every painting I´ve created is a dialog in progress, and I never know the final word. Very often the tittles come to me many days, even months later. By mainly focusing on the act of creating, the narrative becomes spontaneous, naive and natural. My goal is to work with what I find,never questioning my instinct and trusting the impulses of my talent.