Cho Yong Hwa



Born in South Korea.
Drawing student at the Young Artists Association. Seoul, Korea.
Drawing and painting pupil of professor R. Benedetti, Buenos Aires.
Drawing and anatomy student at Asociación Estímulo de Bellas Artes, Buenos Aires.
Attends the Ernesto Pesce lithograph workshop, Buenos Aires.
Adopts the Argentinean Nationality.
Painting pupil of professor A. Vidal. Graduates as Drawing and Painting Professor from the Escuela
Nacional de Bellas Artes ¿Prilidiano Pueyrredón¿,
Buenos Aires.
Perfects his engraving technique at Alfredo Vicenzo´s workshop.


2003 12th Contemporary Art Fair, Arte BA, Galeria Hb Nachman.
2002 Invitational one man show at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba at the hall of the Cultural Nucleus.
2002 HB Nachman. Paintings. 11th International Art Fair, ARTEBA. Buenos Aires.
1998 Engravings and Drawings. Argentinean Pavilion. Universidad Nacional de Córdoba.
1998 Engravings and Drawings. Kookmin Bank. Buenos Aires.
1993 Engravings. Centro Cultural Recoleta. Buenos Aires.
1991 Engravings. Galería Vermer-Gráfica. Buenos Aires.
1987 Paintings. Manzana de las Luces. Buenos Aires.
1985 Pinturas. Fundación Banco de Boston. Buenos Aires.


2002 Salón Manuel Belgrano. Museo Sílvori. Buenos Aires.
2000 1st Latin American Printmaking Biennial. Ctro. Cral. Borges. Buenos Aires
10th ARTEBA Fair. Palermo. Buenos Aires.
1998 1th Seul Over sees artist festival
1998 Deutsche Bank Printmaking Biennial. Centro Cultural Recoleta. Buenos Aires.
1997 20 Argentinean Artists of Seoul. Museo de Arte Kimho, Seoul.
1996 Estampa ¿96. International Printmaking Fair. Madrid. Spain.
The London Artist¿s Book Fair ¿96. Barbican Center. London.
1995 Estampa ¿95. International Printmaking Fair. Buenos Aires.
1992 28th National Salon of Provincia del Chaco. Engraving. Museo Pcial. de Bellas Artes. Chaco.
Braque Award. Engraving. Museo de Artes Plásticas Eduardo Sívori. Buenos Aires.
25th Printmaking Salon Intergrafik ¿89. Germany.
1987 National Fund for the Arts. Painting. Buenos Aires.
1985 Manuel Belgrano Municipal Salon. Engraving. Museo de Artes Plásticas Eduardo Sivori. Buenos Aires.
1984 Ibizagrafic ¿84. 11th Ibiza Biennial. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo. Ibiza. Spain.
1982 Stimuli to Free Expression in Visual Arts. Drawings. Buenos Aires.


2000 Mention. 1st Latin American Printmaking Biennial. Ctro. Cral. Borges. Buenos Aires
1995 Second Engraving Acquisition Award, ¿Salón Rotary Club de San Telmo¿. Buenos Aires.
First Prize. Engraving Acquisition, ¿Salón de Grabado Correo Argentino¿. Buenos Aires.
First Mention, ¿XXXI Salón Nacional¿. Buenos Aires.
1990 Engraving Award to Foreign citizens, ¿XXVI Salón Nacional de Dibujo y Grabado¿. Buenos Aires.
First Engraving Prize, ¿XXVI Salón de Otoño de San Fernando¿. Buenos Aires.
1984 Second Engraving Award, ¿XLIX Salón de Otoño S.A.A.P.¿ Buenos Aires.