Williams Carmona


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Williams Carmona
Born in Cuba.com
Presently resides in San Juan, Puerto Rico, since 1992

Already in Cuba, Carmona¿s art began to be bought by important collectionists who visited Havana. Since the early 90¿s, already in Puerto Rico, his provoking Caribbean surrealism has been acquired and exposed in important private collections all over the wolrd, and is part of the collections of prestigious museums in the United States, Latin America and Europe. In 1997, while he was still in his early 30¿s, Carmona¿s work began to be successfully auctioned in Christie¿s and Sotheby¿s, as well as in many respected auctions for different charities.
Manuel Alvarez Lezama (art critic)

Collections / Partial Listing
Museum of the Molaa, Los Angeles, CA
Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, FL
Pompidou Museum, Paris, France
Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba
Jack Lemon Foundation, Los Angeles, CA
Estefan Enterprise, Miami, FL
Sara Legui and Marcos Dávila¿s Collection, Miami, FL
Fanjul Foundation, Miami, FL
Institute of Puerto Rican Culture, San Juan, PR
United Nations Latin American Art Collection, New York, NY
Brewster Collection, New York, NY
Jamie Walsh Foundation, Madrid, Spain
Ludwig Foundation Collection, Colonia, Germany
Miami University Private Collection, Miami, FL
Praxis Art International, New York, NY
Carrillo Gil Museum, México, DF
Viota Gallery, San Juan, PR
Spatium Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela
Cernuda Art Gallery, Miami, FL

Group Exhibitions / Partial Listing
Permanent Collection Museum of The Molaa, Los Angeles, CA
Chicago Art Fair
Miami Art Fair
San Francisco Art Fair
Art Bassel, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Praxis Art International
Saptium Latin American Arts, Collective Exposition, Caracas, Venezuela
Viota Gallery, Small Format Exhibition, San Juan, PR
Cernuda Arte, Collective Exposition, Miami, FL
Participant at Puerto Rico auctions since 1996
Tamara Gallery, Collective of Small Format, San Juan, PR
Viota Gallery, Homage of Puerto Rican Art Museum Opening, San Juan, PR
Museum of Molaa, Los Angeles, CA
Popular Bank, Special Project. Installation. San Juan, PR
Tamara Gallery, ¿Between Friends¿, San Juan, PR
Praxis Art International, Miami Art Fair, New York, NY
Praxis Art International, Chicago Art Fair, New York, NY
Exhibition and Auctions, Puerto Rico Museum
Art Auction, Puerto Rico Museum
Selected for the Biennial in San Salvador
Rolando López Dirube Homage, ¿Cuatro Artistas Cubanos¿, Cueto Gallery, San Juan, PR
University of Florida, Latin American Works from a Private Collection, Miami, FL
Museum of Fort Lauderdale, ¿Breaking the Barriers¿, Miami, FL
Puerto Rican Arts and History Museum, ¿Entre tres¿. Collective Exhibition. San Juan, PR
Luigi Marozini Gallery. Small Format Collective. San Juan, PR
Sotheby¿s Gallery, Auctions, Miami, FL
Puerto Rican Arts and History Museum, ¿Hogueras Caribeñas¿. Painting and Installation.
San Juan, PR
Brewster Arts Ltd., Miami Art Fair, New York, NY
Nassau County Museum of Arts, Latin Viewpoints, Selection of Great Latin American Artists,
Long Island, NY
Brewster Arts Ltd., ¿Modern Miniatures¿, The Redefining of the Small, New York, NY
Brewster Arts Ltd., Art Miami, New York, NY
Latin American Painters, New York, NY
First Sample of Puerto Rican Art, San Juan, NY
Retrospective of Cuban Painting, Rome, Italy
Havana National Museum, Third Havana Biennial, Havana, Cuba
Havana Fine Arts Museum, Cuban Painters Expose, José Martí Installation, Havana, Cuba
Advanced Arts Institute, Installation and Performance
¿Every day the same thing, sleep and defacer¿, Special Participation, Eloy
López Ganuza, Forgueira and Francisco Gatorno
Barna Triennial, Barna, Czechoslovakia
Relive I.S.A., Parallel to the Second Havana Biennial, Havana, Cuba

Individual Exhibition / Partial Listing
Viota Gallery Exhibition, ¿Historias Cocidas¿, Pans Exposition, San Juan, PR
Praxis Art International, ¿Días de Gloria¿, Miami, FL
Praxis Art International, ¿Salta palánte y no mires patrás¿, New York, NY
Brewster Arts Ltd., Museo de Las Américas, ¿De cierta manera, yo¿, New York, NY, Old San Juan, PR
Brewster Arts Ltd., ¿Tropical Surrealism¿, New York, NY
Museo de Las Américas, Old San Juan, PR
Brewster Arts Ltd., New York, NY
Arsenal de la Marina Española, Old San Juan, PR
Casa de Bastides, Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep.
Corinne Timsit International Galleries, San Juan, PR
Chapultepec Gallery, México, DF
Advanced Institute of Arts, Havana, Cuba
Havana Advanced Arts Institute, ¿Closed Restroom you Read Better¿. Installation in the
Restroom of I.S.A. Havana, Cuba
Karl Marx Theater, Engravings Exhibitions, Havana, Cuba

Awards and Honors / Partial Listing
Jurors Awards of Excellence, All Categories, Painting, Drawing and Engraving,
University of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba
Honorable Mention Engraving, Eight Biennial of Latin American and Caribbean Engravings,
San Juan, PR
Grand Prize, Painting, Salon, Provincial Hall, Pinar del Río, Cuba
First Prize, Painting, Salon, Provincial Hall, Pinar del Río, Cuba
Commemorative Award, Engraving, Thalia Gallery, Havana, Cuba
Mention, Engraving, Seventh Biennial of Latin American and Caribbean, San Juan, PR
Engraving Award, Engraving, Salon, Provincial Hall, Pinar del Río, Cuba

Performance Arts
¿Workshop René Portocarrero¿, Havana, Cuba
¿El arte de hoy en un culo¿, Havana, Cuba
¿Cualquiera te mira bien¿, International School of Cinematography, Havana, Cuba
Advanced Arts Institute, Havana, Cuba
Center of Arts Development, Havana, Cuba
Center of Visual Arts Development, ¿El Muro¿, Participation Angel Ricardo Ríos and
Williams Carmona, Havana, Cuba
United States Ballet Theater Ana María de Angelo, New York, NY
Havana Theater Festival, Havana, Cuba
Electroacoustic Music Festival, Havana, Cuba
¿Amol con amol se paga¿, Matanzas, Cuba