Alejandra Bedoya



The secret, what is not accessible to reason, what is destined to be knowledge only for the initiated, in some way, what is incomprehensible and cannot be unveiled. This is a partial description of mystery, quoted as argument
and explanation, a part of the dogma, by the religious doctrine.

Joyful: merry, mirthful; in the figurate sense, "the call of slow fire".

¿How can one gather the severity and enormous weight of mystery in a single sense, with the vital explosion and sensuality of what is 'joyful'? ¿How can one
approach the JOYFUL MYSTERIES, and furthermore, illustrate them, if the phrase itself seems to house a contradiction that is also unexplainable?

Alejandra Bedoya, cheerful and unprejudiced adventurer, proposes the recreation of a world that is exclusive to them, to show the scenarios, the characters, the revealing
details and the illusory constructions that become --more and more every time- incomparable realities.

The method she has followed is the appropriation of cut and sectioned elements that are interesting to her or that she finds handy for the purpose, by manipulating and relocating them into her world. A virtual, digitalized and beautifully managed world that, at the same time, leads imagination
to the threshold of religiousness, devotion, the feverous giving of herself entrusted to the power within the images, always rises amusement and provokes smiles, that
are not always understood. Delicately clouded skies, splendorous ferns, hands that build up bodies, fingers like shrouds evoking marvelous rays, hybrid anatomies
that elude to the monstrous and that, capable of being breeds, always become trustworthy beings, absurd encounters, unexpected and impossible compositions that force the conviction on their truthfulness, worlds built by technologic magic and fixed as real and strong prints.

Delicate irony and deobstruent humor, form an audacious
recipe made with precision and accuracy.

Alejandra Bedoya utilizes photography and digital composition with masterful skill. Her work is a new form of collage, a technique that reaches, precisely due to its technologic possibilities, a new dimension in its final effect. Images that go for an infinite series of ever changing tonalities
between black and white, managing to paint all colors just by using all possible grays.

Alejandra Bedoya´s is a world where metaphor constantly serves itself from irony, either to comment on one's own experience, or to underline the accepted guideline or the prevalent prejudice, or to allude to the paradox of useless parameters.

A world inhabited by a shifting humor, ready to reach
the frontiers of the absurd and go beyond them with a mocking spirit, both critical and kind, fun but not frivolous, decided into exploring realities but also willing to broaden up the field of imagination.

Nothing is brought here for free.

Even in the proximity to blunder, in the tone of a light appearance, in ambiguity and in pertness, there is the mirror of that known and suffered world, the one
that is ours every day.

Lima, July 2003

Elida Román