Rosario Dellepiane de Pinasco



Over a short period, Rosario Pinasco has produced several individual expositions that reveal not only the work of a dedicated artist, but also that of a passionate painter; facts that are amply demonstrated in her impulse to paint surfaces dominated by her corporal expression.

Rosario Pinasco¿s work appears to be abstract, resulting in a process of deconstruction where nature is displaced to give priority to shapes and colors. Notwithstanding, fort he spectator who stops to reflect upon her work, the essence of the mysterious pleasures contained in memories of countryside and home become evident, bringing to mind all that is related to nostalgia and placidness.

Despite the visual pleasure evoked by viewing these painting, Pinasco¿s work is passionate and vibrant, and its color is far from timid; the gesture, always warlike, culminates in the delineation of those shapes that fill perception with suggestion.

It would be difficult to define Pinasco as a painter from the Lima school. Ours is a city enamored of its grays and surrounded by the severity ¿or sensuality- of a desert. Quite to the contrary, the colors of Pinasco¿s work distance her from our context, elevating her to create that special world in which every artist aspires to take refuge in search of a happiness, always subversive ¿dixit Savater,- that one never actually finds.

It is in this process of encounters and passionate contradictions where some of the merits of Rosario Pinasco¿s work are found.

Luis Lama
Art Critic