Martha Elisa Bojórquez


They assure art should have no sex, for, having being created by a man or a
woman indistinctively, it becomes a language for the author to communicate with
his peers. However, you may agree that many times as a viewer watching the work
or production of the same artist, we can intuit the personality, sensibility
and gender of who has created them. Such is the case of Martha Elisa Bojórquez
who achieved with her work to involve me in her language, just enough to detect
her way of being, thinking, feeling and grab hold of her message.

In what refers to her painting, I detect in the artist a certain joy and enthusiasm
for facing everyday life, in the intimacy and solitude of her studio, an encounter
with her sensibility. Her canvases and works on paper are a territory where
she resolves communication with her mute inter-speakers, communication that
each work will still have even a long time afterwards. Martha Elisa enjoys her
contact with the canvas by means of the material she adds to it, through the
vigor of her brushstrokes, with the play of her brush or spatula, she enjoys
the discovery she has in each space of the supporting base, she shivers with
the elements she finds in the path of her creativity, elements of symbols that
cannot be seen but can be felt and which together build up the language she
uses for each piece.

Concerning her style tendency, even in her transit from figurative to abstract,
step by step Martha Elisa avoids the concrete, the evident and provides an updated
freshness to a classic concept that nowadays we can only visualize in museums
or in the spectrum of some privileged authors who still cook a cult towards
abstraction born in 1914.

To observe Bojórquez collection is like establishing an ever-changing
dialogue that keeps on telling you different things according to each work’s
message, according to the sensations given by their colors, their boldness and
textures, a dialogue that one can also enjoy as a viewer, like in past times,
on the spot of the creative moment in which the author must have enjoyed herself...
that is precisely the sublime action of art, to communicate.

In Martha Elisa Bojórquez, one may sense her healthy aggressiveness,
intelligence and the amazing organization with which she adequately develops
her career in this initial part which is crucial for any art professional, which
leads me to predict her most important accomplishment as a communicator through
art will have a promissory path which she has traced, because she knows well
what she wants and where she is going as a painter.

One cannot reach maturity or a defined personality without the transit through
time and that is what we have to wait for in order to confirm the spaces that
Martha Elisa Bojórquez will conquer with her art production.
Tomás Gondi

March 1,2001