Giovanni Petrella Battista


Born in Italy and based in Venezuela,

The artist presents a series of paintings in which the favorite themes are landscape and flowers. These reflect the artist¿s honesty, though still lacking technique, by highlighting color in each one of them, as well as for the good taste of the preferred motifs. Let the present exhibition serve as an example of one step towards risk for students and graduates of our province Visual Arts Schools, who even after graduating are afraid of exhibiting individually. It is a way to get rid of the bindings that every beginner is attached to for some time, so that he can later present what is really his as an example of control and liberation, that is, walking by himself, since each artist is a path.
This step of Petrella into impressionism and his joyful, positive themes suggest to us the following observation: to study light and volume in deep, having in mind that the artist works with the clock and searches through color, show his attempt to interpret the things that make him most enthusiastic and attract his attention.

I relieve, not in self-tought artists, but in natural and independent artists.

Painting exhibition
at the
Salon of the
September 22 through 29, 1968

H. R. Marín Fonseca
Art critic