Graciela Sacco


" I am a nomadic artist in the way I think that every horizon is good to provoke the desire of images. It does not matter which city I am in, as every city offers me different images to discover. Sometimes this image it is not in the street, it is in the page of a newspaper that day, or in a private object or in the lost shadows.
Who said there is only one way to know a city? In this sense, I quote Walter Benjamin who states that to know a city, it is necessary to loose oneself in it.

However these nomadic tendencies do not prevent my feelings that there are spaces that are really mine, those in which I put to debate my visions about the world with those that actually surround me. Rosario is one of those places and, between its streets, that are not metropolitan, I made and still make artistic and urban experiences that also feed me strongly".