Leonel Matheu


As technology threatens the soul of civilization, Leonel Matheu sounds the alarm. His paintings describe a new world of skyscrapers that touch the stars and strange anthropomorphic creatures who attempt to defend themselves against an ambiguous future. The buildings tilt precariously as the warriors unsheathe their swords.
This dramatic narrative of the continuing struggle of man against the destruction of the natural world is performed in a surreal landscape of artifacts. Primitive symbols and contemporary images link the ancient world to the present. Wings of the ambitious Icarus mingle the tears of exile, which fall into a choppy sea.
Matheu┐s fantasies express the human desire for social equilibrium in an industrial world. He is the optimist, always aware that man controls his own fate and will continue to survive the deviations of good and evil, which transform our lives.
Marcia Corbino

To use the first stage in the development of human beings also offers him the possibility of using the same weapons while establishing a coherent narrative- with a language recognized by all - between what he wants to tell us and where he wants to direct our gaze. The apparent simplicity of Leonel Matheu┐s proposal is surprising since it makes us face a subject that we no longer waiti to hear about. He makes us conscious, for a moment, of those daily things around us with which we are so used to share our lives without even realizing it.
Marisol Martell

Popular imagery and compositions that resemble a puzzle interact to give birth to smart and sophisticated commentaries about the human condition. In flat and systematic dispositions of abstract and pictographic form, Matheu builds his own urban landscapes in which strangers run and hide.
Carol Damian