Alejandra Bedoya


Alejandra Bedoya
Calle Colon # 359 Dpto. 402
Miraflores, Lima 18 Peru
Telefax:(51-1) 242-5419
Celular: (51-1) 9726-4048

Galeria Forum
AV. Larco # 1150, Sotano
Miraflores, Lima 18 Peru
Phone: (51-1) 446-1313
Fax: (51-1) 241-0508


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Alejandra Bedoya
Born in Arequipa, Peru, 1965


Catholic Pontifice University of Peru. College of Arts. Bachellor in Visual Arts,
specialized in graphic design. Lima, Peru
1987 San Juan de la Penitencia Center
for International Studies...

The secret, what is not accessible to reason, what is destined to be knowledge only for the initiated, in some way, what is incomprehensible and cannot be unveiled. This is a partial description of mystery, quoted as argument
and explanation, a part of the dogma, by the religious doctrine.

Joyful: merry, mirthful; in the figurate sense, "the call of slow fire".

┐How can one gather the severity and enormous weight of mystery in a single sense, with the vital explosion a...