Ides Kihlen

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Silvia Gonzalez Kihlen: ( 005411) 4804-5913
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Avda. Alvear, 10 P ? C? (1129)
Capital Federal- Buenos Aires- Argentina.


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Ides Kihlen was born on July 10 of 1917 in the Province of Santa Fe. Her childhood was spent on the banks of the Parana River in the Provinces of Corrientes and the Chaco.
Painting was a constant companion in Ides¿ life, music the other passion that accompanied her since youth. After moving to Buenos Aires, she enrolled at the National School of Decorative Arts at an early age, giving rein to a vocation that she still actively pursues at eighty-four. On looking back over a lifetime of pa...

1 - A Matter of Gender
Squirru, Rafael. Newspaper La Nacion, Sunday October 20, 2002.

¿Ides is the daughter of a Swedish father and a mother with Swiss ancestors. Eighty-five years ago, she was born in Sante Fe (...) where she studied Fine Arts and was student to Alice, Puig, Kemble and Nigro, among others (...) Her paintings act like magic potions, they reestablish our biologic and mental equilibrium, charge our nervous batteries and strengthen our anemic dimensions.