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Caracas, Venezuela.
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Corozo, Chaguaramo y Cola de Pescado

Semilla IV

Noche Submarina


Cola de Pescado II


Armable-Desarmable - Semilla I

Cofre - Semilla V

Árbol de Cuerdas

Tapara en los Roques

Infinito II


Paisaje submarino

Infinito III



Infinito I

Detalle Noche Submarina

Manopla - Semilla III

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Born in Caracas in1966. He graduated in Architecture in 1991 at the Universidad Central de Venezuela ( Caracas ). In 1994 he participated in the I Sculpture Festival of the Venezuelan American Friendship Association (AVAA) in the Centro Cultural Consolidado in Caracas , where he obtained the prize, awarded by the Canadian Embassy, of a scholarship to study Art in Concordia University ( Montreal). In 1996 he obtains from Concordia University the degree of "Bachelor in Fine Arts" (Sculpure). H...

Portico (Introduction)

Jose Antonio Fernández¿ sculptures use, enjoy and make parody of nature. Things pertaining to the mineral, vegetant or even animal world appear in this work as realism, as adaptation to natural forms and as celebration of form and matter.

Figurative sculpture, by definition, that in its quest for nature can reach its own synthesis of abstract art. But abstraction in this sculpture doesn¿t correspond to a plastic concept but to a quality of nature, ...