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The Fundación ArtNexus is a non-for-profit organization focused on:

  • The promotion of the arts through activities intended to enrich and preserve its specialized Documentation Center, located in Bogotá, Colombia.
  • To promote activities towards the development and diffusion of the visual arts and architecture at the national and international levels.
  • To carry forward educational efforts through the physical or electronic publication of catalogs, magazines, and booklets.
  • To organize forums, conferences, congresses, or similar events, in support of the development of the visual arts and architecture.


The Documentation Center and the Web

The Fundación ArtNexus Documentation Center holds a vast collection of books, magazines, catalogs, CDs, and DVDs dating back to the 1950s and reaching into the present, available for review by the national and international artistic community.

This Documentation Center has been designed to respond to the needs of artists, art researchers, college students, journalists, teachers, collectors, and art enthusiasts. Its library and archival staff is ready to attend, via email or by appointment, al user requests.

The Documentation Center offers remote access to all documents in its database, entered into the SIABUC software from anywhere in the Web: . A license for the use of SIABUC, developed by the Universidad de Colima (Mexico) and UNESCO, was especially acquire for the design and implementation of the database. This software facilitates the technical and administrative functions of documentation centers and libraries in spanish.

Since September, 2005, 15,690 books, catalogs, CDs, and DVDs have been categorized, catalogued, and physically inspected, comprising an archive for the documentation of topics in sculpture, photography, design, painting, architecture, and others.

Other Projects

Seminar on the preservation and conservation of audiovisual material and electronic media

By: Angie Bonino

In collaboration with the Bogotá Mayor’s Office, the Instituto Distrital de Apoyos Concertados, the Instituto Distrital de las Artes (IDARTES) and the Cultural Affairs Directorate of Banco de la República.

This seminar presented specific contents related to the prevention, maintenance, and conservation of cultural artifacts in the context of the new media, such as video-art and electronic arts. The seminar was held from October 31st through November 3rd, 2011, in Bogotá, Colombia.

Intellectual Networks: Art and Politics in Latin America (The Getty Foundation).

In June of 2011, the Los Angeles-based Getty Foundation gave the Fundación ArtNexus a Connecting Art Histories grant towards the project Intellectual Networks: Art and Politics in Latin America. This project will gather a group of researchers in order to study, from an art-historical perspective, the relationships established between intellectuals in different Latin American countries, as in such exchanges ideas are developed around geopolitical, epistemic, and aesthetic issues in the continent —thus the interest in the topic of the connections between art and politics in the region.(more)

-If you wish to donate books or catalogs to the documentation center, you can send or deliver them to its Bogotá location, Cra 5 N 67-19, or to the offices of ArtNexus Magazine in Miami, 12500 NE 8th Avenue, 2nd Floor. North Miami, Fl 33161.

-If you wish to male a donation or access the materials, contact