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Join the Artists Section. Have your artwork seen in by art collectors, art dealers, critics, and curators. Set-up your catalog in Electronic Catalog

Over 100,000 qualified professionals visit every month. They include art collectors, art dealers, artists, curators, critics, and other professionals of the art world. This audience is able to connect with the artist and gallery, by viewing the artist's catalog in the Artists section, and by searching for the artist in the site.

ArtNexus and participate in many international art fairs throughout the year, at which many of the top gallerists and collectors attend. ArtNexus will provide the artists in the Artists Section a venue to present their work to the Fair attendees.

There is a one-time cost for setting up the electronic catalog, which is then hosted in the as a permanent component of the Artists section.Electronic Catalog Set-up and Hosting Fee:

  • Up to 40 images - US $1,800.00
  • Up tp 20 images - US $1,400.00

The Electronic Catalog includes:

  • The digitalization of art work images.
  • The addition of artwork specifications, including name of piece, year of production, exact measurements, description of technique, and the price of the work.
  • Up to 4 pages of critical text, regarding the artist, the work, the exhibition, and the catalog.
  • The artist's biography.
  • Bibliography on the artist.
  • Past and upcoming exhibitions.
  • Contact information of the gallery or art dealer representing the artist's work.
  • Contact information of the artist.
  • Upcoming exhibitions will be included in the Calendar of Events.
  • Inclusion in the database, which allows for a complete search of, in which the artist's catalogue will be found. This can be found by searching by name of artist, name of work, geographical location, or by the listed gallery.
  • will provide the artist 100 complementary CD-ROM copies of the catalog as part of the electronic catalog package, which the artist can distribute to potential collectors, galleries, and museums.
  • Once the electronic catalog is set-up on the site, ArtNexus will announce it to our audience via the newsletter, which goes out to over 25,000 email subscribers, among them some of the top professionals of the art world.
  • For additional ArtNexus CD copies of the catalog, the cost is:

Quantity Value
$10 $50
$20 $80
$50 $150
$100 $200
  • The artists can post the CD of the catalog in the store, and have it sold online.
  • The Digitalization and translation of additional pages of text for the catalog cost the following:
TaskPrice per page

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