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  ARTNEXUS WEEKLY NEWS. July 26, 2013.

Weekly News, July 22 to 28, 2013
Damián Ortega at the Freud Museum
The exhibition of works by renowned Mexican artist Damián Ortega centers on a project by biologist Gonçalo Jesus and Volker Sommer, founder of the Gashaka Primate Project and Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology at University College in London. The exhibition is curated by Luiza Teixeira de Freitas.
Ricardo Basbaum. Diagrams
Until October 6, 2013, the Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea (CGAC) presents the exhibition entitled Diagrams by Ricardo Basbaum.
Colombian Art
The group exhibition entitled The Marvelous Real: Colombia through the Vision of its Artists will be open until September 27, 2013. Organized by the Cultural Center of the Inter-American Development Bank.
Ángel Loochkartt
Ángel Loochkartt is a drawer, engraver and painter from the Escuela de Bellas Artes of the Universidad del Atlántico. He has exhibited in Italy, France, the US, Mexico and Colombia.
New Space
Museo Universidad de Navarra
A new space is born in the city of Navarra, Spain, aimed at promoting Latin American art: the Museo Universidad de Navarra, an institution conceived as an integrated part of the campus of the Universidad de Navarra that is scheduled to open to the public in 2014.
León Ferrari
(Buenos Aires, 1920-2013)

ArtNexus regret the death of the artist León Ferrari (Buenos Aires, 1920-2013). The irreverent Argentinean artist touched multiple aspects through his work, from abstraction to political criticism. Read the interview published by ArtNexus at:
ARTErra 2013 Residencies for Artists
Now open to artists of any nationality, the call ARTErra 2013 Residencies for Artists in Portugal will accept applications until September 15, 2013.
Oswaldo Vigas Mural Burned
Caracas’ Ciudad Universitaria is one of Latin America’s educational spaces with the greatest volume and highest quality of public-art masterworks that are part of the community’s patrimony.
Oswaldo Macía
Oswaldo Macía (Cartagena, Colombia) relates that, tired of ocular-centrism, he began to research, reflect on, and interact with other senses, revisiting sound and olfactory art as means of communication. In an interview around the Cantos Cuentos Colombianos exhibition at Casa Daros, the artist talks about his motivations, his sound-art works, and his interests.
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ArtNexus 89
Jun - Aug 2013

Nicolás París, Doble Faz
Book of drawings by the Colombian artist Nicolás París, inviting the reader to take part in the publication. Text by Esteban Reyes. Published in 2010 by La Silueta Ediciones Ltda.
Price: US$34

On Curating
Second volume of interviews carried out by Carolee Thea with ten of today¿s leading curators. It explores the intellectual convictions and personal visions that lay the groundwork for the most prestigious and influential exhibitions in the world today.
Price: US$27