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  ARTNEXUS WEEKLY NEWS. August 2, 2013

Weekly News, July 29 to August 4, 2013
Antonio Grasi
Executive Director at Inhotim

Antonio Grassi, the president of Funarte (an organ of Brazil’s Ministry of Culture) will leave his post to assume the title of Executive Director at Inhotim Institute, in Belo Horizonte.
Bonnie Clearwater will be the Fort Lauderdale Museum Director and Curator in Chief
After almost twenty years at the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami, Bonnie Clearwater is moving on to a new post as the Museum of Art | Fort Lauderdale’s Director and Curator in Chief.
Soledad Lorenzo Collection
Thirty seven works of art, including paintings, drawings, photographs, videos, and sculptures, all part of gallerist Soledad Lorenzo’s collection, will be on exhibit through November 24th at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Santander (MAS).
The Pan American Modernism: Avant-Garde Art in Latin America and the United States
Presented by the Lowe Art Museum explores, for the first time, the rich visual dialogue that exists between artworks produced by artists working in North, Central and South America during the modern and postmodern eras.
Farewell to our León
León Ferrari, one of the Twentieth Century’s most significant artists, a tireless thinker and activist, a great friend and unmatched collaborator, has departed.
14th International Competition "Manolo Valdés" Art Exhibition 2013
The call for the 14th International Competition "Manolo Valdés" Art Exhibition 2013 will remain open until August 7 of this year. The call is open to artists of any nationality and condition. Candidates may submit a single painting or sculpture that covers any theme and that is rendered with any technique. Any works that have been previously awarded in any other competition or call will not be accepted.
Xul Solar and Jorge Luis Borges: The Art of Friendship
Dialogues and collaborations between two highly meaningful figures from universal culture are explored in the exhibition entitled Xul Solar and Jorge Luis Borges: The Art of Friendship shown at the Americas Society in New York City until July 20.
Art thief’s mother burns stolen works
Last October 16th, alleged thieves stole seven masterpieces from the Kunsthal contemporary art museum in the Netherlands. According to the latest investigations, the stolen works may have been burned by the mother of one of the perpetrators.
Visual artist Orlan sues Lady Gaga
Well-known French performance artist Orlan is suing the also famous singer Lady Gaga for plagiarism, and for what Orlan regards as stealing from her visual universe.
Xawery Wolski in Tijuana
The work of Xawery Wolski (Warsaw, Poland, 1960; lives and works in Mexico since 1997) has to do with the human figure, with metaphors and transcriptions of the body in the material. His work is the result of a long investigation not only of form, but also of the elements. This video presents his recent exhibition at Centro Cultural Tijuana.
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Una teoría del arte desde América Latina
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Carlos Capelán
Carlos Capelán Monographic book on the Uruguayan artist Carlos Capelán with an essay by Ticio Escobar Touring through his work, explaining on his projection from exile, how it marked "his work itinerary" and his recurrent theme of identity.
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