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  ARTNEXUS WEEKLY NEWS. August 9, 2013

Weekly News, August 5 to 11, 2013
Winners of MASP Visual Arts Award 2013 Announced
The MASP Visual Arts Award, considered one of the largest monetary awards in Brazil, announced last July 12th the three winners of its second edition.
Víctor Grippo, Transformation
Open to the public from September 18 through September 22, the exhibition entitled Víctor Grippo. Transformation at the Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea, offers a panoramic view of the artist born in Argentina.
Vik Muniz: "Closer to the Image"
Until September 28 of this year, the Banco de la República in Bogota presents the exhibition entitled Vik Muniz: Closer to the Image.
Hernán Miranda 1979 – 2013
One of the year’s highlights at Chile’s Museo de Bellas Artes is the first retrospective of Hernán Miranda’s work, which remained open to the public through July 16th. The show featured more than 40 works, grouped under different concepts, such as “Urban Landscape.”.
Project for the restoration of Frida Kahlo's photographic archive
A project for the restoration of 369 photographs in Frida Kahlo’s archive, thanks to the sponsorship of Bank of America Merryll Lynch, will be underway this year.
Art Production and Research Fellowship
Intended to give impulse to art creation and diffusion, the ESPAI RAMBLETA visual arts program announces the 1st call for applications to its Art Production and Research Fellowship.
Chilean Art in Venezuela
The most recent exhibition presented by the CAF-Banco de Desarrollo de América Latina in its Caracas headquarters, Chilean Art in Venezuela gives continuity to the program of support for the Latin American visual arts. The exhibition consists of thirty-four pieces created by a prominent group of Chilean artists.
Thomas Hirschhorn Creates Monument in the Bronx
Renowned 56-year-old Swiss artist, Thomas Hirschhorn, arrived to the Bronx with the idea of working with the locals to create a monument for the Italian Marxist philosopher Antonio Gramsci who died in Rome in 1937.
Vik Muniz
On the occasion of Vik Muniz's exhibition at Colombia's Museo del Banco de la Republica, we asked the artist about his video work. After viewing it, we decided to present the video he made for TED in 2003, which explains the beginnings of his career and how his projects are executed. In 2001, Vik Muniz was on the cover of Artnexus, accompanying an article by Verónica Cordero. Click here to read it.
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Ritos de fin de siglo. Arte argentino y vanguardia internacional. Jorge Lopez Anaya
Book with essays by Lopez Anaya, on different aspects of Argentinean art. Compilation of different phases and tendencies in the work of artists such as Xul Solar, el Arte Madi and Emilio Pettoruti.
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Tamayo ilustrador
(Tamayo Illustrator)
Quite different from the extended bibliography focused on the pictorial and muralist works, the edition is dedicated to Tamayo oeuvre in the field of illustration. The book highlights images that this Mexican artist created for printed matters of a diverse nature, and comments on the relations he established between tales and poems he illustrated with his own artistic view..
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