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  ARTNEXUS WEEKLY NEWS. October 4, 2013

Weekly News, September 30 to October 6, 2013
ChACO and Finlandia 2013
On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the event, the ChACO Contemporary Art Fair in Chile and its sponsor the Finlandia Vodka of Finland, announced the winners of the ChACO and Finlandia Award.
Met Announces New Curators
The Metropolitan Museum of Art announced as new curators Diana Craig Patch, Joanne Pillsbury and Ronda Kasl.
Our America: The Latino Presence in American Art
This exhibition, organized by E Carmen Ramos, Latino Art curator for the Smithsonian Institution's American Art Museum, takes into account the way in which Latino artists participated in artistic movements of their era and explored key themes of American art and culture.
Mystic Route
The Museo de Arte Contemporáneo in Monterrey, México, presents Mystic Route, a reassessment of the notion of mysticism within the current Latin American context through the reflections of ten artists who, in their search of new compelling ideological models, construct their own identities and channels of communication with the transcendental by combining ancestral elements with new ones.
Seventh Edition of the Luis Caballero Award
The seventh edition of the Luis Caballero Award presents eight proposals selected by Mario Opazo, Carlos Uribe and Rodrigo Moura.
Grants for Argentinean Artists in Colombia
The Secretaría de Cultura of the Presidencia de la Nación Argentina, through the Dirección Nacional de Política Cultural y Cooperación Internacional, will sponsor two grants to complete a consecutive four-week long residency in the Republic of Colombia during the months of March and June of 2014.
An Object-Melting Architectural Building
The reflection of solar light from the windows and concave façade of a London building christened the “Walkie Talkie”, 525 feet in height and built at a cost of 200 million pounds sterling, is melting objects. This effect occurs for around two hours each day.
Buzz, group show curated by Vik Muniz
Buzz is the group show devoted to Op Art, curated by Brazilian artist Vik Muniz and presented, early this year, by Nara Roesler Gallery. In this conversation, Muniz explain his interest in the topic, the importance and appeal of the sensorial elelement, the use of technology, color, and contrast, as well as his experience in the curatorial exercise. Vik explains how this curatorship project was different, in that it was posited from the point of view of the artist; an artist's motivations will always differ from those of the curator, even if there exists a parallelism between the exhibition and his own work as an artist.
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ArtNexus 90
Sep - Nov 2013

Noé Katz
The book embarks upon the pictorial segment of the Mexican artist’s work, as well as on his creations for buildings and public spaces. A written text by the artist is included commenting on his visual production as well as two essays analyzing aspects of his career, a biographical note and exhibition chronology.
Price: US$85

Versions and Inversions: Perspectives on Avant-Garde Art in Latin America
The book gathers texts and comments during the symposium held parallel to the show Inverted Utopias, organized by Mari Carmen Ramírez and Héctor Olea. Publisher in 2006.
Price: US$34