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  ARTNEXUS WEEKLY NEWS. November 15, 2013

Weekly News, November 11 to 17, 2013
Frida et moi for Kids
Paris’ Centre Georges Pompidou is presenting, through March 17, 2014, Frida et moi, an exhibition geared towards children aged 5 to 10.
Picasso, el eterno femenino
The Cultural Center of Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (CCPUCP), in collaboration with BBVA Continental and Petrobras, is presenting the exhibition Picasso, el eterno femenino.
Feria de Arte Sonoro de Puerto Rico 3ra edición
Puerto Rico celebrated its third Feria de Arte Sonoro (FAS|PR|2013) the month of October with an exhibition, artist panels, curator talks, three nights of live performances by local artists, and the island’s premier of “60 x 60” (2012), an audio performance featuring 60 new pieces of music each lasting no more than 60 seconds.
Relational Architecture by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer: Voice Tunnel in Park Avenue, New York
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer is one of the artists in the international scene who has contributed the most to the intersection of different disciplines. Born in Mexico, he studied physics and chemistry in Canada and some time ago became a naturalized Canadian citizen.
New Space
Open-Air Sculpture Museum
The Norwegian capital has a brand new space for the exhibition of sculptures by some of the world's most renowned artists, both historical and contemporary: Ekeberg Park, established by an initiative of collector and philanthropist Christian Ringnes, who invested more than 30 million pounds to make these sculptures accessible to all.
Anthony Caro
Sculptor Anthony Caro, considered one of his generation's greatest British artists, died last October 24th at the age of 89.
Billion-dollar seizure of Twentieth-Century masterworks
Barely weeks after the public announcement of results of an investigation on the provenance of 139 artworks confiscated from their Jewish proprietors by the Nazi regime, the largest-ever cache of European early-Twentieth Century masterworks was seized in a Munich apartment, with a total value of over 2 billion euros.
Protografías, by Oscar Muñoz
Museo de Antioquía (Medellín, Colombia) presented Profotografías, by Oscar Muñoz, curated by José Roca. This exhibition was retrospective in character and engaged the artist's oeuvre on the basis of his interest in the topic of memory, the social uses of photography, and the medium's ability to retain remembrances. This video features some of the works on exhibit as well as testimonies by María Willis, Assistant Curator for the show, Adriana Ríos, Assistant Curator in the museum, and Ana Piedad Jaramillo, the museum's director.
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ArtNexus 90
Sep - Nov 2013

Rafael Barrios, The Park Avenue Project
The catalog documents several sculptures of the Venezuelan artist, from the time they were commissioned until the moment of their installations at Park Avenue in Manhattan, New York.
Price: US$45

Mujeres en las artes de Panamá en el siglo XX
A book edited by art critic and historian, Mónica E. Kupfer, highlighting women´s contribution to arts and cultura in Panama. Through different essays it in the fields of visual arts, dance, photography, filmmaking, literature, music and theatre.
Price: US$48