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Weekly News, June 30 to July 6, 2014
Transarquitetônica by Henrique Oliveira
The Museo Contemporáneo de Arte of the Universidad de São Paulo opened its doors for the installation Transarquitetônica by artist Henrique Oliveira.
The Miami Generation: Revisited
In 1983, Miami's former Cuban Museum of Arts and Culture presented the groundbreaking exhibition, The Miami Generation. This exhibition represented a pivotal moment in South Florida’s cultural history and brought together for the first time the work of nine emerging artists from Miami’s Cuban exile community who were part of a first generation that received its artistic education in the United States.  
2nd Autumn Salon of Latin America (SOAL)
Aimed at promoting a diversity of languages in the visual arts, throughout history Salons have been central referents for democracy in the arts. Recently, the presentation of the 2nd Autumn Salon of Latin America (SOAL) at the Fundación Memorial de América Latina in São Paulo, was proof that such goal is very much part of this type of general exhibition.
Cuban Contemporary Brazilian Printmaking
The exhibition included a total of twenty-two artists and remained open for two months at the International Print Center in Chelsea. As soon as they step out of the elevator, the public was confronted with "Lambe-Lambes" on both sides of the gallery's double doors.
Álvaro Barrios. La leyenda del sueño.
A visit to Colombian artist Alvaro Barrios' exhibition "La leyenda del sueño", presented at Banco de la República with the curatorship of María Belén Saez de Ibarra.
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An interview where the artist explains his encounter with Western culture and the influence on his work of artists like Marcel Duchamp, as well as the primacy of ideas over form in some of the ready-mades that are part of his oeuvre.
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Texts by the artist published in ArtNexus available here.
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ArtNexus 92
Jun - Aug 2014

Sueños con Álvaro Barrios
Book that gathers and explores the production of Álvaro Barrios, artist of print, comics, drawing and collage. Texts by Jaime Cerón, José Ignacio Roca, Graciela Kartofel, Alberto Sierra, Eduardo Serrano, María Mercedes Carranza and Gonzalo Arango.
Price: US$95