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  ARTNEXUS WEEKLY NEWS. August 29, 2014

Weekly News, August 25 - 31, 2014
Julián Zugazagoitia
Julián Zugazagoitia, the director of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City for the last four years, has been given the Order of the Arts and Letters from the Ministry of Culture of France, in recognition of his contributions to the fields of art and literature.
Unerasable Memories
Curated by Agustín Pérez Rubio, the new director of Malba (Argentina), the show "Unerasable Memories — A Historic Look at the Videobrasil Collection".
Mi vecino. El otro
The Third Contemporary Art Week — SACO can be visited through August 31st at the Huanchaca Cultural Park, in Antofagasta, on this occasion with the slogan Mi vecino.
New Space
Beatriz Gil Gallery
After over 10 years in the Venezuelan art scene, the former director of Artepuy Gallery has renovated the exhibition space in a two-story building in the Las Mercedes area of Caracas, and opened a new gallery under her own name.
5th CeDoc Artes Visuales Contest
For the fifith edition of its CeDoc Artes Visuales Contest, the Visual Arts Documentation Center of the Centro Cultural de la Moneda invites Chilean and foreign researchers to explore and deepen knowledge of the different art fields and cultural disciplines, as well as thematic, critical, and/or interdisciplinary essays that converge on the topic of "Visualities of the Transition Period."
13th Eugenio Mendoza Prize, 2015
The call for submissions to the Eugenio Mendoza Prize is now open. The Prize was established as a stimulus for emerging creators and the call is open to Venezuelan artists regarding of their place of residence, and to non-Venezuelans residing in the country.
Fenosa Natural Gas, Art Residence Program
Intent on supporting artists and incentivizing artistic production, the Fenosa Natural gas Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) has opened, as part of its Cultural Promotion and Cooperation Plan, a selection process for three local residences (for Galician residents) and two international residences (Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese citizens not living in Galicia), for the development of a specific project.
Draw On The Moon | Ai Weiwei and Olafur Eliasson´s
Communion through creative practice.

Ai Wei Wei and Elafur Eliasson conceived their Moon project with the intent of incorporating and activating the audience as a participant in the art process. This is why they used a digital public space, a platform where the Moon is the virtual stage for the creation of drawings of any kind and subject matter, making it possible for a global audience to leave their individual mark on what was to become an interactive, collective work of art.

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Waltercio Caldas
A catalogue published in conjunction with the exhibition "The Nearest Air: a Survey of Works by Waltercio Caldas", organized by the Blanton Museum of Art and the Fundação Iberê Camargo.
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