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  ARTNEXUS WEEKLY NEWS. September 13, 2014

Weekly News, September 8 to 14, 2014
Anna Di Stasi
Anna Di Stasi joined Sotheby´s Latin American Art department in May 2014 as Vice President and Specialist. Working alongside Department Head Axel Stein.
International Conference on Culture and Digital Technology
This conference seeks to bring thinkers together around these topics, on the basis of five main axes: mediations between education and culture; the languages of art; the search for diagnostics, and formation of audiences in the cultural field; addressing audiences on the Internet; and sharing economies.
Blanton Museum Announces Mayor Gift of Modern and Contemporary Latin American Art
The Blanton Museum of Art at the University of Texas at Austin has been gifted approximately 120 modern and contemporary Latin American artworks from UT alumni Judy and Charles Tate of Houston.
Ana Mercedes Hoyos
Ana Mercedes Hoyos would have liked to receive a Lumbalú for her farewell, these days when even the moon seems to grieve  her: nine nights when the women of San Basilio de Palenque would sing to her with melodious and melancholy voices: “Ay, déjame llorar...”
Forbidden Triangle
Santiago Rueda, La fotografía en Colombia en la década de los setenta

Recent debates on the place of photography confront us with a dilemma where, perhaps, it is impossible not to pick a side.
Hidden Women Exhibition Suspended
María Eugenia Trujillo´s exhibition Mujeres Ocultas, due to open last August 27th at Museo Santa Clara in Bogotá, was temporarily suspended on opening day due to an Order of Protection presented to the Cundinamarca Administrative Tribunal, claiming that the exhibit "insults the religious and cultural values of the Christian faith."
Colonies. Vik Muniz and Tal Danino turn live cells into art
One of the most recent art projects of the Brazilian artist Vik Muniz, has scientific "adoptions" resulting in a series of "Colonies". This series is the product of the research and study of body bacteria, some of them carcinogenic, photographed and intervened.

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Sep - Nov 2014

La fotografía en Colombia en la década de los setenta
Book of the study by Santiago Rueda Fajardo, aiming to present a careful inventory of the uses and photographic practices developed during that decade in the country.
Price: US$34

Ana Mercedes Hoyos. Retrospectiva
A selection with the most representative works by one of the most acknowledged figures of Colombian art.
Price: US$75