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  ARTNEXUS WEEKLY NEWS. January 23, 2015

Oswaldo Vigas
Weekly News, January 19 to 25, 2015

José Guadalupe Posada: A Retrospective
This exhibition of works by José Guadalupe Posada (Aguascalientes, 1852-1913), titled “Posada. Fantasías, Calaveras y vida cotidiana”, will be open to the public through January 2015.
Bytes Analógicos
Bytes Analógicos was curated by Daniel Argente, who with this exhibition seeks to honor the historical communion between art, technology, and science, through the crossing of these disciplines’ shared borders in the construction of contemporary works of art.
Chanoir. El Colgado
Bogotá’s Museo de Arte Contemporáneo presents, from January 31st through March 14th, the exhibition El Colgado, curated by Juan David Quintero Arbeláez and featuring the work of French-Colombian graffiti artist Chanoir.
Media Manipulation in Contemporary Cuban Art
The show focused on the instrumental, artistically questioning handling of mass media in Cuban visual arts between the 1980s and the present.
Pública 15
An international meeting on cultural management and a networking space for over 600 culture professionals, will be held on January 29th and 30th.
Oscar Morriña
Morriña (a word that means “sadness”) is what the news provoked in his former students and his friends: Oscar Morriña died last December 27th.
Antonio Berni: the story of Juanito Laguna"
After being on view in Houston, the exhibition Antonio Berni: Juanito and Ramona arrives at MALBA. In this video, the artist tells the story of Juanito Laguna, a boy from the "extra-mural" grounds of the great Buenos Aires, who could also be any underprivileged boy from a Latin American city.

Berni incorporates collage to his production with the goal to accomplish more expressive intensity in each of his works. He employs materials from Juanito’s environment and surroundings, found not too far away from the neighborhood, in barren lands and the close vicinities. These include waste materials and leftovers from the big industries, recovered and stocked by the inhabitants of the suburbs, mostly immigrants coming from the Argentinean province or bordering countries.

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ArtNexus 95
Dec 2014 - Feb 2015

Homage to Juan Antonio Roda for his cultural input and his contribution in painting. Texts by Efraín Fonseca, Luis Fernando Pradilla, Roda Fornaguera Family, Andrés Hoyos Restrepo, Antonio Caballero.
Price: US$92

Transpolitical, Art in Colombia 1992-2012
A publication sponsored by J. P. Morgan, exploring the Colombian art production of the last 20 years.
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