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  ARTNEXUS WEEKLY NEWS. February 20, 2015

Oswaldo Vigas
Weekly News, February 16 to 22, 2015

San Ignacio de Bogotá Church’s Pyxs
Between March 3rd and May 31st, 2015, the Museo del Prado will exhibit the San Ignacio de Bogotá Church’s Pyx, known as “The Lettuce” due to its invaluable composition with many precious stones, especially emeralds in a great variety of green shades.
Guerrilla Girls 1985-2015
Curated by Xabier Araskistain, the exhibition entitled Guerrilla Girls 1985-–2015 is a retrospective that celebrates 30 years of artistic trajectory by the US feminist art group Guerrilla Girls.
Printmaking and Modernity
A vast number of first-rate Brazilian artists have embraced and continue to embrace printmaking, even when not to the exclusion of other genres, at least as their primary practice.
Renowned Japanese-Brazilian artist Tomie Ohtake
dies at 101

Japanese-Brazilian artist Tomie Ohtake died last Thursday, January 12, at the age of 101, an anniversary she had celebrated in November 2014 with a special exhibition at Nara Roesler Gallery.
Emerging Artist Residency
This year, the Museo Taller José Clemente Orozco will become the home of four emerging artists invited to complete a residency and develop their abilities.
Fundación Antonio Gala Residency
These scholarships are primarily intended to encourage interaction between different branches in the world of art and culture.
Picasso’s Electrician on Trial for Illegal Trafficking of Art 
Le Guennec and his wife were accused by lawyers for the Picasso family for the crime of concealment of stolen artworks.
Collection 9. The Collection of the ARCO Foundation
CA2M recently presented the exhibition ‘Colección IX. Colección Fundación ARCO”. Estrella de Diego, curator of the show, along with Ferran Barenblit, explains the singularities of the collection and how it was built year by year with woks acquired successively at the ARCOmadrid art fair.

She highlights the relevance of the collection that features works by artists representative of different periods, acquired on real time, which allows for tracing a path of the development of art from the decade of the 1960´s until the present day.

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ArtNexus 95
Dec 2014 - Feb 2015

La fotografía en Colombia en la década de los setenta
Book of the study by Santiago Rueda Fajardo, aiming to present a careful inventory of the uses and photographic practices developed during that decade in the country.
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Contemporary Art in Latin America
This book analyzes contemporary Latin American art with an essay by Gerardo Mosquera, who part from his experience as curator to discuss the subject of identity and the inter-cultural dynamics of current Latin American art.
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