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  ARTNEXUS WEEKLY NEWS. February 27, 2015

Oswaldo Vigas
Weekly News, February 23 to March 1, 2015

Juliana Góngora Rojas
Flora Arts+Natura announced the recipient of its artist in residency grant for 2015. The jury reviewed the applications of 50 artists and decided to award with the artist in residency grant for 2015.
100 Years of Iberê Camargo
The Iberê Camargo Foundation opened a special exhibition to commemorate its artist namesake’s centennial.
Latin America in Construction: Architecture 1955-1980
In 1955 The Museum of Modern Art staged Latin American Architecture since 1945, a landmark survey of modern architecture in Latin America. On the 60th anniversary of that important show, the Museum returns to the region to offer a complex overview of the positions, debates, and architectural creativity from Mexico and Cuba to the Southern Cone between 1955 and the early 1980s.
Geometry, Action and Souvenirs from the
Insurgent Discourse

Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros is presenting an exhibition of works by artist Alexander Apóstol. The show, titled Geometría, acción y souvenirs del discurso insurgente, was conceived from four texts by David Alfaro Siqueiros talking about the relation between art and politics.
Raquel Tibol

Raquel Tibol arrived in Mexico in 1953 to become Diego Rivera’s secretary and eventually developed a career as an art critic.
Artist Books
Exponential Growth

Artist books are experiencing expansion and renewal. With precedents that escape the requirements of this space, the genre became established with conceptual art.
Leandro Erlich
As guest of the program Dialogs of Casa Daros, Leandro Erlich talks about his trajectory and work. The artist explains the nature of his work through the piece Bâtiment (Building), an installation created in Paris which through an optical illusion, successfully altered gravity so the public could freely climb or move about the façade of the building.

His deep interest in exploring the ways in which art can interest and involve a diverse public and generate different reflections and readings of the same work is, according to him, the motivation behind the various projects that he has developed in the last 20 years.

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