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Weekly News, June 29 to July 5, 2015

Paz Errázuriz
María García-Yelo, director of PHotoEspaña, announced Chilean artist Paz Errázuriz as the winner of the yearly award, in recognition of the professional trajectory of a prominent figure in the field of national or international photography.

Santiago Reyes-Villaveces Wins the Abraaj-Royal College of Art Scholarship
The Group Abraaj and the Royal College of Art recently announced the five winners of the Abraaj-Royal College of Art Scholarship, which includes Colombian artist Santiago Reyes-Villaveces.

Antony P. Ressler and Elaine P. Wynn
The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) announced today the election of Antony P. Ressler and Elaine P. Wynn as new board co-chairs. Ressler has served as vice-chair of LACMA’s board since 2005 and as co-chair of its finance committee. Wynn became a member of the board of trustees in 2011

Sculptural Light Installation by Grimanesa Amorós
The temporary light installation entitled Aguas Doradas (Golden Waters) by New York-based Peruvian artist Grimanesa Amorós will remain on display on the Soleri Bridge in the city of Scottsdale, Arizona, until September 30, 2015.

New Space
LACAP, first space in Toronto Dedicated to Art from Latin America
A new space dedicated to the promotion and creation of art from Latin America was opened on June 27 in the city of Toronto, Canada.

Graciela Sacco, Nothing is Where We Think It Is...
Curadores P13 presents a video about "Nothing is Where We Think It…," the most recent anthological exhibition by argentine artist Graciela Sacco. In the audiovisual, Sacco speaks about the content of her work and the reflections on political and social violence contained in each of them. She also addresses her interest in installation as a medium, sensitive techniques and multiple reproductions.

"Nothing is Where We Think It…" was originally presented at the Hotel de Inmigrantes in Buenos Aires, the place where the Museo de la Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero (MUTREF) is currently located. The exhibition will travel to the Museo de Arte del Banco de la República in Bogota, Colombia. It will be inaugurated on July 9 and will remain open to the public until October 2015. The curatorship was entrusted to Diana B. Wechsler, who explained that one of the greatest challenges of relocating the exhibition was to take the work from one place full of "ghostly presences" to another architectural space.

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Graciela Sacco. M2
A publication of the project M2 of works by the Argentinean artist Graciela Sacco, where she proposes several questions and reflections on the "implications" of the square meter, parting from its physical existence.
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