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Weekly News, July 27 to August 3, 2015

The Daros Latinamerica Collection in Argentina
The Fundación Proa presents for the first time in Argentina the Daros Latinamerica Collection, an exhibition of works by Latin American artists.
"Modernities: Brazilian Photography (1940-1964)"
"Modernities: Brazilian Photography (1940-1964)" is a photographic exhibition that offers an impeccable look into the booming transformation of Brazil, a country whose productive muscle began to strengthen during the 1940s.
Catalogue Raisonné by Brazilian Artist José Leonilson
To Be Released This Year

A catalogue raisonné by Brazilian artist José Leonilson, who died at a very young age in 1993 as the result of AIDS-related complications, will be released by the end of this year.
Osvaldo Svanascini (1920-2015)
Osvaldo Svanascini studied in Europe, the United States and, most importantly— given that he specializes in eastern art—in the East, after receiving a scholarship from UNESCO to study in the Far East.
Félix Perdomo (1956-2015)
Venezuelan painter, draftsman and sculptor Félix Perdomo died in the early morning of Wednesday, June 10, 2015. Recognized with numerous awards, Perdomo was an artist with a coherent aesthetic trajectory who was particularly interested in the expressiveness of the visual space and its material quality.
Passport Returned to Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei
After four years, and following his imprisonment without charges being brought against him, Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei has been given his passport back by the Chinese government.
Coleccion Daros Latinamerica in Argentina
On the occasion of the exhibition "Colección Daros Latinamerica," the Fundación Proa has produced a series of videos in which curator Rodrigo Alonso introduces the four artists whose work is on display in exhibition room 1: Fabian Marcacchio, Milena Bonilla, Jorge Macchi and Teresa Serrano. In the videos he also talks about the interest that the exhibition—conceived three years ago, when Alonso traveled to Zurich to see the Colección Daros—has aroused among the public. According to Alonso, the curatorial project was conceived with the intention of conveying through a few works the spirit of the Colección Daros.

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June - August 2015

Cantos Cuentos Colombianos. Contemporary Colombian Art
Contemporary Colombian Art This book accompanies the show with the same title organized by Daros-Latin America. It tours through the work of important Colombian artists, with interviews to each one of them.
Price: US$67