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  ARTNEXUS WEEKLY NEWS. January 22, 2016

Weekly News, January 18 to January 24, 2016

Alejandro Aravena wins 2016 Pritzker Architecture Prize
Known among architects as the Nobel prize of architecture, the 48-year old Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena was recently awarded with the 2016 Pritzker Architecture Prize.
"Omar Carreño" Visual Arts Award 2015
The Colegio de Arquitectos de Venezuela, in partnership with the Asociación Venezolana de Artistas Plásticos (AVAP) and the International Association of Art Critics (AICA), presented the third edition of the "Omar Carreño" Visual Arts Award.
Flashes of Blue
The Kirchner Cultural Center is paying homage to Julio Le Parc (Argentina. 1928) by installing his Esfera azul (“Blue Sphere”) in the central vestibule to its main building and projecting, in one of its auditoriums, short films about important exhibitions—“Le Parc Lumière”.
Olga de Amaral
The Museo de Arte Moderno in Cartagena presents an exhibition by Colombian artist Olga de Amaral, whose work was the image of the most recent edition of the International Music Festival in Cartagena.
Modernidad. Fotografía brasileña (1940-1964)
Madrid’s Círculo de Bellas Artes is presenting, through January 31st, an exhibition titled Modernidad. Fotografía brasileña (1940-1964). The exhibition features 220 photographs preserved at the Moreira Salles Institute in Río de Janeiro, and were previously on display at the Photography Museum in Berlin, in Paris, and at the Calouste Gulbenkian in Lisbon.

Julio Le Parc
Argentinean artist Julio Le Parc’s Esfera Azul is on view at the Kirchner Cultural Center through March 20, 2016. In this video, Le Parc talks about this work, which incorporates external components such as the air around it, reflections, and images. Built using hundreds of blue acrylic plates, Esfera Azul invites viewers to see it as a spherical mass. This large-scale “mobile” is in constant, dynamic motion and produces different configurations.

Here, Le Parc interrogates the definition of a stable, definitve work of art, generating new definitions for the relationship between geometry, space, and body. The notion of instability has been a sustained interest in Le Parc’s work since the 1960s, as he sought to generate new conventions for perception and to formulate new, more dynamic modes of approaching form in its relationship with the surrounding space and the viewer’s own gaze.

ArtNexus #58 (September–November, 2005) featured a review of Le Parc’s exhibition at the Daros Latinamerica Collection in Zurich, available here.

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