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Weekly News, February 8 to February 14, 2016

Christine Macel
On January 22, 2016, the board of directors of the Venice Biennale announced the appointment of Christine Macel as visual arts director of the 57th Venice Biennale, an edition that will take place from May 13 to November 26 of 2017.
Frances Morris, New Director of the Tate Modern
Frances Morris, 57, was named the new Director of the Tate Modern, in London. Morris has worked as a curator for the institution since its establishment in 2000.

"Videobrasil Collection in Context #1"
On Saturday February 20, the Galpão Videobrasil begins its program of exhibitions for 2016 with the opening of the exhibition titled "Videobrasil Collection in Context #1."
New Space
Galeria Nara Roesler Opens a New Space in New York
Founded in 1989 in São Paulo and headquartered in Rio de Janeiro since 2014, the Galeria Nara Roesler recently opened its third space in the cosmopolitan city of New York.
Cornelis Zitman
Cornelis Zitman, the Dutch-born Venezuelan sculptor, passed away in Caracas last January 10th, at the age of 89. He leaves behind an important legacy for the art of the region. Zitman’s career took place mainly in Venezuela, where he moved at 21 after graduating from the Fine Arts Academy in The Hague.
Eight Egyptian Museum Workers on Trial for Tutankhamun’ Beard
Tutankhamun’s burial mask, one of the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities’ most valued treasures, has been under investigation for the inappropriate way in which its beard was restored.
Starbucks opens a new space for Art in Chelsea, New York
The Starbucks store, located in a former art gallery on the corner of 26th Steet and 10th Avenue, celebrates art and its connection to the community.

Joseph Beuys
A video about the story behind the work Felt Suit by German artist Joseph Beuys was part of the online exhibition titled "The Gallery of Lost Art" organized by Tate.
Tate acquired an edition of this work in 1981 and that same year the piece was stored for conservation. Eight years later, when it was taken out to be exhibited, the curators of the museum realized that the material of the piece had disintegrated as result of moth infestation. After exhaustive research, the piece was deemed lost because there was no way to restore it. The two-piece suit, which consisted of a jacket and a pair of pants, was created in 1970 from coarse grey felt. Beuys created one hundred identical suits that looked like real clothes but were actually extremely delicate and fragile sculptural pieces.
“The Gallery of Lost Art” was an online exhibition held for a period of one year that explored the disappearance of a large number of important modern art works. They were either destroyed, stolen, discarded or erased.
Later on, Tate acquired two other editions of the Felt Suit that are currently part of the Museum’s collection.

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