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Weekly News, June 27 to July 3, 2016

″Borders″ video art exhibition at the
Instituto Cultural de México

The Instituto Cultural de México in Miami (ICM) inaugurated the video art exhibition titled “Borders,” a selection of videos shown in the Biennial of the Frontiers, curated by Othón Castañeda. The show will remain open to the public until August 22, 2016.
“One As Another”
From June 6 to November 25 Havre Magasinet presents the exhibition titled “One As Another” curated by the Colombian Mariangela Méndez.
National Endowment for the Humanities schedules trip to Cuba
The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), a federal grantmaking agency and a member of a historic U.S. government cultural mission to Cuba, announced it will provide a grant to a distinguished group of U.S. art conservators to visit Cuba to learn about preservation challenges and methods.
Claudia Polar (1946-2016)
Claudia Polar-Campos, director of the Galería Forum (Lima) died on March 25, leaving a great void in the Peruvian artistic scene.

The Bronx Museum Delays Cuban Art Exhibition
The largest art exchange to occur between the United States and Cuba, since that of over fifty years ago, has been put on hold as certain weariness arises. 

Farewell from the Director of the Art Museum of the Americas
Andres Navia said goodbye after eight years as Deputy Director and Director of the Organization of American States, Art Museum of the Americas. 

Jesús Abad Colorado
Colombian photographer Jesús Abad Colorado, talks about his book "Mirar la vida profunda", a publication that gathers 25 years of work. In his presentation, he admits that “he has seen all the pain" of Colombia, and although some people consider him as a photographer of war, he defined himself as a reporter of life.

For him, death as a concept has always been close. However, when he goes out to document, he goes with the idea of ¿¿returning alive. The book, he confirms, is targeted to a society that has to understand the history of the country, creating a state of reflection, not of hatred or revenge. Longing for a country where its inhabitants die of old age.

The latest edition of ArtNexus (# 101), has, as its cover, a picture by Jesus Abad Colorado and an article by Santiago Rueda. According to Rueda "Trained as a journalist at Universidad de Antioquia, incensed and shielded only by his camera, Abad Colordado launched himself not into an abyss but into the eye of the storm, in search of a direct, authentic encounter with the actors and protagonists of the conflict".

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ArtNexus 101
Jun - Aug 2016

Jesús Abad Colorado 
Mirar de la vida profunda
This book brings together the photographic work by the artist who, for more than 25 years has become the wandering memory of armed conflict in Colombia and of its victims.
Price: US$95

Carlos Jacanamijoy
A book on the work of the Colombian artist, highlighting his personal view of nature from suggestive atmospheres, color and movements painted on canvas.
Price: US$75