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Weekly News, July 4 to July 10, 2016

Die Traumadeutung, Joan Fontcuberta
Best Photography Book

The book titled Die Traumadeutung by Joan Fontcuberta has been recognized by PhotoEspaña 2016 as the Best Photography Book of 2016 in the national category.
Sotheby’s appoints Benjamin Doller, as Chairman, Americas
Benjamin Doller joined Sotheby’s in 1979, and in his more than 35 years with the Company has been pivotal in sourcing and selling well over $2 billion in art. 
Hélio Oiticica: To Organize Delirium
Carnegie Museum of Art (CMOA) presents Hélio Oiticica: To Organize Delirium, the most complete presentation to date of this important Brazilian artist, and the first comprehensive treatment of his New York years (1971–1978). 
Without Restraint, exhibition featuring 35 works by seven contemporary Mexican women artists, from the Daros Latinamerica Collection
The exhibition presents together for the first time contemporary Mexican art by women from the Daros Latinamerica Collection (Zurich).

Faena Prize for the Arts
Faena Art, the international nonprofit organization, launched the open call for the 2016–17 Prize. The Faena Prize for the Arts recognizes artistic experimentation, encourages post-disciplinary and temporal exploration, and promotes inquiry of the infinite links among art, technology and design. 

Sistine Chapel Replica Created and Showcased in Mexico City
A private art project has very recently constructed a replica of the Sistine Chapel in Mexico City’s art deco “Monument to the Revolution”. The life-size representation is being showcased temporarily and its creation was approved by the Vatican itself. 

Juan Fernando Herrán

The Universidad Nacional de Colombia Art Museum presented Flujos Deseantes (“Desiring Flows”), an exhibition of works by Colombian artist Juan Fernando Herrán.

Exhibition curator María Belén Sáez de Ibarra and Juan Fernando Herrán tell us about this project specifically planned and developed for the university and its set-up process.

Flujos Deseantes is a study of the artist’s work between 1987 and 1993, the early period of his career, characterized by experimentation and intuition in the transformation of such materials as human hair, lead, plant matter, photography, dung, clay, and video. The exhibition brought together for the first time 12 works, between sculptures and installations, created at the time when Herrán was finishing his studies at Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá and beginning his Master’s in London.

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ArtNexus 101
Jun - Aug 2016

Hélio Oiticica, Folding the Frame
A publication of The University of Chicago Press that delves deep into the work of this important Brazilian artist and his vast oeuvre.
Price: US$41

Mexico´s Revolutionary Avant-Gardes: From Estridentismo to ¡30-30!
Tatiana Flores dedicated this book to the artist-poet Manuel Maples Arce, an important catalyst for much of the avant-garde activity that occurred after the Mexican Revolution.
Price: US$65