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Weekly News, July 25 to July 31, 2016

Voluspa Jarpa at the MALBA
Curated by Agustín Pérez-Rubio, the exhibition titled "In Our Small Region of over Here" is the first solo exhibition at a Latin American museum that presents the work by Voluspa Jarpa (Rancagua, Chile, 1971).
"Women, New Portraits," by Annie Leibovitz in Mexico D.C.
When Annie Leibovitz—who has captured the faces of women and men that stand out for their political activism, artistic work or mass media appeal—was invited by the UBS Swiss bank to develop a new exhibition, she proposed a follow-up of an earlier project, held in 1999. "Women, New Portraits," is exhibited at Casa Modelo / Proyecto Público Prim until July 31 of 2016.
Never-before-exhibited documents on Italian Futurism in Chile
On June 22, the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo in the Art Department of the Universidad de Chile inaugurated the exhibition titled "Futurism: First Vanguard." The exhibition presents original works and documents dating back over one hundred years, including manifestos, letters, and periodicals.
Nicolás García Uriburu
A central figure in the Argentinean art scene and a promoter of Land Art also at the international level, Nicolás García-Uriburu (Buenos Aires, 1937-2016) developed a rich body of work that included actions and performances, body art, and oils on canvas—centered on local myths and archetypes—drawings, mixed media, objects, photographs, installations and videos.

Variations on a Mexican Theme
An artist in his own right, Guillermo Paneque, curator of this exhibition, stands out from most contemporary curators who, more often than not, are also art critics, art historians or experts on the organization and mounting of exhibitions. 

The Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) is seeking to appoint a new Director
Founded in 1946, the ICA is one of the world's best known multi-disciplined arts organizations dedicated to contemporary art and culture. 

The Line Within the Space, Gustavo Pérez Monzón
The Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation—CIFO—invited Cuban artist Gustavo Pérez Monzón to direct a workshop titled “The Line Within the Space”.

The workshop was held in the Sweetwater elementary school and was part of CIFO’s educational program in conjunction with Pérez Monzón’s retrospective exhibition in Miami. In this video, the artist talks about the two sections of his workshop: an introductory section where children became familiar with the media, and the three-dimensional section.

For the artist, understanding space is fundamental in the visual arts. Under that premise, participating children confronted space and structural problems that had to be solved using points and supports in order to develop the idea they initially formulated.

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ArtNexus 101
Jun - Aug 2016

Recovering Beauty. The 1990s in Buenos Aires
Catalogue that accompanies the exhibition held at The Blanton Museum of Art, featuring the work by 13 artists, who created most of their works during the 1990´s, contributing to the definition of an important moment within the art context of Argentina.
Price: US$19

Teoría de mercadotecnia de las artes
A theoretical book that addresses art as a cultural product and its relationship with the market, both proposed as non-excluding factors.
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