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  ARTNEXUS WEEKLY NEWS. October 14, 2016

Weekly News, October 10 to October 16, 2016

Sumando ausencias, "Adding Absences" Doris Salcedo
Sumando ausencias "Adding Absences" emerges as a peace initiative to actively take a stand in favor of peace and to remember the victims of the armed conflict in Colombia during a period of more than half a century.
Nader Art Museum Latin America and Phillips celebrates Wifredo Lam in London
Phillips announces the exhibition Wifredo Lam: Blurring Boundaries, which will be on view at 30 Berkeley Square from 10 to 21 October. 
Tomás Saraceno
One Hundred Sixty-Three Thousand Light Years

The Museo de Arte Contemporáneo in Monterrey, Mexico, presents the first exhibition by Argentine artist Tomás Saraceno in Latin America.
Intervention by Santiago Cárdenas, Nicolás and Guillermo Cárdenas (his sons) in the Fundación Cardioinfantil
Colombian artist Santiago Cárdenas and his two sons, Nicolás and Guillermo, donated their time and artistic work to benefit children and bring art into an unconventional space.

"Creators-Recoverers. Three Generations"
Museo de Arte Popular de Petare Bárbaro Rivas

The Museo de Arte Popular de Petare Bárbaro Rivas in Caracas presented "Creators-Recoverers. Three Generations," an exhibition that was very well received by artists, art critics, and the general public because of the relationships that it successfully established between three generations of creators working with waste materials. 

Museum Directors
The Ministry of Culture in Argentina opened a public call to fill directive positions in ten national museums. The step is part of the Institutional Strengthening Plan for Museums spearheaded last May by Américo Castilla, director of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage. 

Artistic Research Residencies
Tabakalera opens its call for residencies aimed at supporting the research processes of projects that integrate society and its citizens into contemporary artistic practices.


Tomás Saraceno
On the occasion of the exhibition Ciento sesenta y tres mil años luz (One Hundred Sixty-Three Thousand Light Years), the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey (MARCO) presents a video featuring artist Tomás Saraceno.

The exhibition is the result of many analogies that connect the origin of the universe through simulations made in 2001. A theory based on three-dimensional spider-like webs that make it possible to establish links in the behavior of the cosmos after the Big Bang.

One of the works accompanying the exhibition is a film that allows viewers to “witness 163,000 light years”, a stretch of time that no human can ever experience directly.

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ArtNexus 102
Sept - Nov 2016

Lam. Catalogue Raisonne of the Painted Work Volume I
A book that includes essays, chronology, exhibition documentation and a bibliography and all the original works of the Cuban master through 1960.
Price: US$200

Doris Salcedo
The book was edited to accompany the groundbreaking retrospective by the Colombian artist whose installations, sculptures and site-specific as well as public space interventions refer to the trauma of the victims of political violence, racism, systemic inequality and overall, war.
Price: US$40