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  ARTNEXUS WEEKLY NEWS. January 10, 2017

Weekly News, January 1 to January 10, 2017

2015 AICA
After an unintended delay in the assignation of the 2015 AICA Awards, the International Association of Art Critics, Venezuela Chapter, held the award ceremony to recognize those artists, critics, gallerists and institutions that stood out this year.
Yves Klein
Tate Liverpool presents the first solo exhibition by Yves Klein (1928-1962) in a UK museum in over 20 years. He was one of the most influential artists of the postwar era and an essential figure for the artistic movements that followed, including pop art and performance art.
Mutant History
History has become mutant and mutable. And this is the approach taken by curator César Gabler in an exhibition of works by artists Felipe Muhr, Javier Rodríguez, Rodrigo Vergara and, in a controversial decision, by the curator himself.
Juan Javier Salazar (1955 – 2016)
Peruvian artist Juan Javier Salazar died at the age of 61. He was a brilliant member of the EPS Huacayo Group (1979-1981) and of the Paréntesis Group (1979). 

DocumentaMadrid 2017
The government of Madrid announces the opening of the call DocumentaMadrid, a festival centered on the multiple artistic expressions of documentary filmmaking and the exploration of those itineraries of the real opened to new languages and expressions of the genre. 

Yves Klein at Tate Liverpool
As part of the collaboration between Tate Liverpool and Edge Hill University, a group of university students created a video based on the museum’s Yves Klein exhibition.

Edge Hill’s Roy Bayfield, Director of Corporate Communications, and Cathy Butterworth, Arts Manager, talk about the institutions interest in supporting the exhibition, defining Klein as a pivotal figure in the structure of Twentieth Century art, with a key legacy in the training and creative development of students.

In turn, Darren Pih, Exhibitions and Displays Curator at Tate Liverpool, adds that the show is intended to provide a broad panoramic of Klein’s oeuvre, exploring his works, the periods of his development, and his passion for judo.

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ArtNexus 103
Dec 2016 - Feb 2017

Moderno. Design for Living in Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela, 1940-1978
The catalog for the show of the same title organized by and held at The Americas Society in New York City, and later at the University of Texas at Austin’s Blanton Museum of Ar.
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Teoría de mercadotecnia de las artes
A theoretical book that addresses art as a cultural product and its relationship with the market, both proposed as non-excluding factors.
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