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  ARTNEXUS WEEKLY NEWS. March 27, 2017

Weekly News, March 20 to March 26, 2017

The Museum of Latin American Art—MOLAA—announces the appointment of Lourdes I. Ramos, Ph.D. as new president and CEO
Robert Braun and Mike Deovlet, Co-Chairmen of the Museum of Latin American Art’s Board of Directors, announced that the Museum of Latin American Art has selected Lourdes I. Ramos Ph. D. to serve in the position of President and CEO.
Doris Salcedo Awarded the Rolf Schock Prize for Visual Arts Royal Academy of Fine Arts
The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Sweden awarded Colombian artist Doris Salcedo with the Rolf Schock Prize for Visual Arts.
New Space
Miami-based Cuban artist Antuan Rodríguez has created Antuan Lab, an alternative space for the development of multidisciplinary projects with aesthetic content, design and execution.
David Rockefeller dies at age 101
Regarded as a businessman and philanthropist, David Rockefeller came from one of the wealthiest families in the United States. He was known for the important donations he made to museums and other cultural institutions.

Anthological Exhibition Pablo Barriga
Mariano Aguilera National Award to an Artistic Trajectory 2015

From December 10, 2016, to April 2, 2017, the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo El Bicentenario (CAC) presents the Anthological Exhibition Pablo Barriga, Mariano Aguilera National Award to an Artistic Trajectory 2015.

Fundación Jumex Scholarships
The Fundación Jumex invites Mexican students to participate in the "Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporáneo" scholarships program centered on the training and specialization on art studios.

Edgar Negret: Horizonte Paisaje Agustiniano in Valencia
Aimed at offering Valencians more spaces and to elevate art in the city, the mayor of Valencia, Miguel Cocchiola, and the Colombian ambassador to Venezuela, Ricardo Lozano, recently inaugurated the work titled Horizonte Paisaje Agustiniano (Horizon Agustinian Landscape) by Colombian artist Edgar Negret.


The Art of Complaining - The Guerrilla Girls
As part of the residency by The Guerrilla Girls at the Tate Modern, "The Art Assignment" presents a chapter dedicated to the group founded in 1985.

The Guerrilla Girls is an activist group formed by women artists whose objective has been challenging attitudes associated with gender discrimination, racism, politics, religion, etc., particularly in the art world.

As a residency project developed in 2016, the group created a Complaints Department that invited visitors to post complaints on relevant themes. The only condition was to do so in a unique and creative manner. As a result, the exercise generated a social effect that is highly important for the future work developed by the group.

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Doris Salcedo
The book was edited to accompany the groundbreaking retrospective by the Colombian artist whose installations, sculptures and site-specific as well as public space interventions refer to the trauma of the victims of political violence, racism, systemic inequality and overall, war.
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The uses of an image. Photography, film and video from the Jumex Collection
Anthology Documenting the curatorial criteria of the Jumex Collection from Mexico with works from the exhibition at MALBA, on the impact of technology and new media in contemporary art.
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