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Weekly News, April 24 to April 30, 2017

ArtCenter/South Florida expands its support and resources for artists
ArtCenter/South Florida has launched its new initiatives that include the first pilot semester of the fellowship program MFU: Miami.
First Anthological Exhibition by Cuban Artist Jorge Carruana
The exhibition titled "Jorge Carruana-Bances: Comics, Sex, War…" will show for the first time in Rome an important selection of works by the Cuban artist. Open to the public until May 7 at the Real Academia de España in Rome.
Drawings by José Antonio Fernández
The exhibition titled "Drawings by José Antonio Fernández," is a personal inquiry by Fernández into the pentagonal shape of vegetables, in which he synthesizes and segments those forms through the drawing medium.

Exhibition About the Modern Art Market at the Museu de Arte Moderna in São Paulo (MAM)
From February 7 to April 30, 2017, the Museu of Arte Moderna in São Paulo (MAM) presented the exhibition titled "The Modern Art Market in São Paulo: 1947–51," under the curatorship of José Armando da Silva.

2nd Latin American Colloquium of Non-Objectual and Rural Art
The 2nd Latin American Colloquium of Non-Objectual and Rural Art took place from March 10 through the 11th of 2017.


Marina Abramovic

The artist and performer Marina Abramovic, presents at TedTalk, “An Art made of Trust, Vulnerability and Connection", where she invites the audience to know her work through a visual and narrative tour, which she experienced in her performance Rythim 0 performed In 1974. This experience was exposed to the public for 6 hours to interact with it through a series of objects arranged at a table.

This and other performance as "The Artists is Present" and her project for the construction of the MAI institute in New York, evidences the artist's interest in the pursuit of increased awareness, through experiencing and transcending their fears by exposing them to the public through concrete actions that go beyond the physical, emotional and psychological barriers. Her art is based on personal transformation, where fears are her raw material to transcend, through confidence, risk and uncertainty from public interactions. Video in English.

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ArtNexus 104
March - May 2017

Gladys Triana. A Retrospective Review 1956-2016
Retrospective review of six decades of work by Cuban-American artist Gladys Triana. Edited by Marina Wecksler. Foreword by Edward J. Sullivan.
Price: US$55


Twentieth-Century Art of Latin America
This revised and expanded edition updates Jacqueline Barnitz’s 2001 book of the same title, which explored the art of Latin America and parts of the Caribbean from the Nineteenth Century through 1980, taking us to the end of the century with a review of tendencies and artists whose work was essential in the 1980s and 1990s.
Price: US$50