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Weekly News, October 16 to October 20, 2017

Max Ernst at Museum of Modern Art
The exhibition surveys the career of the preeminent Dada and Surrealist artist Max Ernst (French and American, born Germany. 1891–1976), with particular emphasis on his ceaseless experimentation.
¡Vale!... ¿Qué vale? Worth It!... How Much?
The exhibition "Worth It!... How Much?," presented at the Sala de Arte de Suramericana de Seguros from October 19 through January 11, 2018, features never before shown works created in a variety of mediums.
Tu huella es el camino, tu bandera es de paz
(Your Footprint is the Way, Your Flag is a Peace Flag)

Tu huella es el camino, tu bandera es de paz (Your Footprint is the Way, Your Flag is a Peace Flag) is the contemporary art installation consisting of one hundred white flags on one hundred vintage engraved wood shoe lasts.
Juan Carlos Romero
Artist Juan Carlos Romero (Argentina, 1931–2017) died on April 22 in Buenos Aires, one month before the inauguration of the exhibition in which he had been working for the last year and a half of his life. He was 86 years old.

12th International Arte Laguna Award
The Asociación Cultural MoCA presents the 12th edition of the International Arte Laguna Award aimed at promoting, showcasing and projecting contemporary art at the international level.

Grants for Escuela FLORA 2018
FLORA ars+natura invites artists from around the world to participate in its call for six of the eighteen grants available for international artists for the Independent Study Program at Escuela FLORA.


Max Ernst

On the occasion of the exhibition titled "Max Ernst: Beyond Painting" at the MoMA in New York, we feature the following video produced by the Telesur channel about Ernst's life as well as his artistic and philosophical influences through an analysis of the work titled Celebes created in 1921.
Celebes showcases the rejection, phobia, and criticism caused by the horror and traumatic experience of World War I. It conveys Ernst's subversive gaze through the exploration of the material and the construction of the dismembered character recreated with elements from war and old encyclopedias. A German-born French artist, Max Ernst was known for using a variety of techniques in his work, including collage and frottage. He is regarded as one of the most representative creators of the Dadaist and Surrealist artistic vanguards of the 1910s and 1920s, as well as one of the most resourceful artists of modernity.

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ArtNexus 106
Sept - Nov 2017

Mexico´s Revolutionary Avant-Gardes: From Estridentismo to ¡30-30!
Tatiana Flores dedicated this book to the artist-poet Manuel Maples Arce, an important catalyst for much of the avant-garde activity that occurred after the Mexican Revolution.
Price: US$65

Antonio Caro
Drawing and serigraph on cotton paper
Edition of 25
34 41/64 x 26 3/8 in.
Price: US$2000