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  Vol. 1 No. 13, Sep. 18/2002

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September 19th, 2002

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Lead Stories
- Art & Economy
- Jac Leiner, a retrospective in São Paulo
News & Views
- The Museum of Latin American Art in Buenos Aires, MALBA, opens a new space
- QCC Art Gallery in New York calls for Iberoamerican artists
- Artists and intellectuals in Guatemala bring a lawsuit before the country’s Supreme Court, against the government censorship of “obscene productions”
- International Video Art Contest
- University Order awarded to Bélgica Rodríguez
Upcoming Events
- The Fall Fair International Fine & Decorative Arts
- Art Forum Berlin
- IV International Galleries Fair “Arte Córdoba 2002”
Unusual Art Stories
- German artist hangs senior citizens in the air in her art installation
Heard on the Street
- Al Pacino visits Argentine artist Daniel Bottero
Work for Sale in the Virtual Gallery Section
- Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts
News About ArtNexus
- We have the winner of the raffle of the Francisco Toledo artwork
Books and Catalogues
- De la Antropofagia a Brasilia: Brasil 1920-1950. (From Cannibalism to Brasilia: Brazil 1920-1950)
- Alfredo Jaar
- Art Cuba
- Botero: Nuevas obras sobre lienzo. (Botero: New Works on Canvas)
Lead Stories
- “Art & Economy,” Hamburg, Germany
This is an exhibition that explores the relations that art is currently exposed to. Luis Camnitzer, author of the text, begins with a focus on the title of the show in order to present a broad analysis. The exhibition did not turn out to be an attack on art in the international marketplace, as the public expected or as the title might have suggested, instead showing the relationship between them. Read the article

- Jac Leiner, a retrospective in São Paulo.
Adriano Pedrosa, art critic and curator at the Art Museum in Pampulha, writes a text introducing us to the work of the Brazilian artist Jacqueline Leiner. In 1990 when Brazilian art boomed into the international art scene, Jac Leiner played an important role because of the visual proposition she presented. Pedrosa explains her artistic evolution and development, bringing it into context with the Sao Paulo tradition of abstract painting and sculpture. Read the complete article

News & Views
- The MALBA opens a new space.
The MALBA (Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires) just opened a new space for curatorial practice, as well as for reflection and challenges related to local and regional contemporary art productions. Read more

- QCC Art Gallery calls for Iberoamerican artists
QCC Art Gallery of New York is producing an encyclopedia of contemporary Iberoamerican artists.
The edition will show artists in an alphabetical order with their biographies and a color reproduction of their most significant work. Find out how to become a part of the encyclopedia

- Artists and intellectuals in Guatemala bring a lawsuit before the country’s Supreme Court, against the government censorship of “obscene productions.”
Due to the passing of a law in Guatemala that prohibits all “obscene” productions, a censorship commission, part of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, will be formed to control the Guatemalan art production. The intellectual community of Guatemala has brought a lawsuit before the Supreme Court claiming this law is unconstitutional, saying that such a law violates freedom of expression.
Find a complete report of the situation in our site.

- International Video Art Contest.
The Cultural Center of the Interamerican Development Bank (EXR/CC) and the Information and Communication Technology Division for Development at the IDB (SDS/ICT) launched their call for entries to the international video art contest and exhibition to be held during December 2002 and January 2003 in Washington, D.C. and in Rome, Italy. Find out more

- University Order awarded to Bélgica Rodríguez.
The Universidad Central de Venezuela presented this very prestigious distinction awarded in the Venezuelan academic field, this year to Bélgica Rodríguez, in recognition for her valuable contribution
Read more about this news brief and search our site for some of the texts written by Bélgica Rodríguez

Upcoming Events
- The Fall Fair International Fine & Decorative Arts
The fair will be carried out from the 18th through the 23rd of September at the Jacob Javits Center in New York. For further information please visit:

- Art Forum Berlin
The seventh Art Forum Berlin - The International Fair for Contemporary Art - will take place at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds from September 26th through September 30th, 2002. Organized by the Messe Berlin GmbH and an international galleries' advisory board.
More information at:

- IV International Gallery Fair “Arte Córdoba 2002”, Córdoba, Argentina
The Asociación Civil Arte Córdoba invites the public to participate in the IV International Gallery Fair, to take place at the Cabildo Histórico of the City of Córdoba, from the 24th through the 30th of October 2002. Information and applications:

Unusual Art Stories
- German artist ties senior citizens by rope in the air in her art installation
Angie Hiesl, a German artist, hangs 11 men and women, aged 60 and older, by rope in midair in the center of Bogotá, Colombia. The elderly “posed as symbols of their generation,” as stated by Reuters in an article on the event. Read this article

Heard on the Street
- Artist Daniel Bottero visited by Al Pacino.
Al Pacino recently visited Daniel Bottero, an Argentine artist based in New York, at his studio. Bottero is recognized for his work in different Latin American countries where he has worked with children. His work is currently on exhibition at Legacy Fine Art in Panama. Read the complete story

Read more interesting news at:

Work for Sale in the Virtual Gallery Section
- Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts
We invite you to visit this edition’s highlighted ArtNexus Virtual Gallery, Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts. Founded in 1989 in Argentina, the gallery expanded its project to a new venue in Miami in September 2000. From the start the idea was to represent contemporary young Argentine artists, present them to the international scene, as well as intertwine them with exhibitions by foreign artists such as Matta, Lam, Bedia, Miró, Plensa, Adami, Senise and Larraz, among others. Since 1991 the gallery has participated in important international fairs such as Art Basel, ARCO, FIAC, Art Chicago, Guadalajara and FIA, with gallery director Diana Lowenstein being part of the organizing committee. To visit Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts gallery, please click here: here

For further information on’s Virtual Galleries, send your e-mail message to Marggen Torres at: or call (305) 891-7270 x 104.

News About ArtNexus
- We have the winner of the raffle of the Francisco Toledo artwork. Fernando Sucre, a Miami based artist from Venezuela, is the winner of the work by Francisco Toledo. ¡Congratulations!

Books and Catalogues

  • De la Antropofagia a Brasilia: Brasil 1920-1950. (From Cannibalism to Brasilia: Brazil 1920-1950) The most revolutionary decades of Brazilian art have been printed in this catalogue, which was printed for the exhibition of the same name. The exhibition was held at the IVAM with around 700 works. Both the exhibition and the catalogue picked the main productions dealing with Brazilian visual arts, literature, photography, filmmaking, music and architecture. This is a necessary text for the study and understanding of modern and contemporary Brazilian art, as well as Latin American art. The catalog features color images, essays on various manifestations that explain the incidence of the diverse artistic processes, and a broad bibliography. Edited in Valencia, Spain, 2000. 630 pages, 388 color illustrations and 239 in black and white. Spanish and English.
    Purchase this Catalogue

  • Alfredo Jaar Americo A two-volume compilation on the work of Alfredo Jaar. It is Difficult, includes a chronology of his most important projects. Let there be Light, is a written and visual document of the Rwanda Project. Edited by Actar in Barcelona and including a luxury case. 240 pages per volume. 380 color illustrations. Available in Spanish and English.
    The artist signed a limited amount of books especially for ArtNexus. Purchase this Book

  • Art Cuba Holly Block, the Executive Director of Art in General in New York, wrote the introduction and edited this book, presenting the work of more than 60 Cuban artists. Four acknowledged Cuban art historians and critics, Gerardo Mosquera, Eugenio Valdés, Orlando Hernández and Antonio Eligio (Tonel) introduce the reader to the different phases and problematics of contemporary Cuban art. The book presents a wide range of images of works by Cuban artists that have kept producing during the last five years in Cuba, allowing for a complete look at the various techniques and issues undertaken by Cuban art. An extract of the curriculums of the artists is at the end of the book. English texts, 250 illustrations, including 100 color images. Purchase this Book

  • Botero: Nuevas obras sobre lienzo. (Botero: New Works on Canvas) A compilation and selection of recent works by Colombian painter Fernando Botero. The book includes an interview by Ana María Escallón, revealing the origin of the themes that the artist has worked on, with fixed images that have interested him since his childhood, and that he has always developed by keeping in mind his obsession for volume. Edited by Villegas Editores. Colombia. 1997. 219 pages. 179 color illustrations and 9 in black and white. 27 x 31.5 cm. Hardcover. Find it at our store

  • For more books and catalogs, visit:

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