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Claudio Bravo, Groups of eight . Mavi

Claudio Bravo
MAVI and Corporación Cultural de Las Condes


Santiago , Chile
Museo de Artes Visuales (MAVI)

To mark the death in June of prominent Chilean painter Claudio Bravo, the Museum MAVI, Chilean Museum of Visual Arts exhibited six works by this artist that are internationally recognized for their hyperrealist style.

Quince (Fifteen), Paisaje Desde la Ventana (Landscape from a Window), and Naturaleza Muerta con Zapatillas (Still Life with Sneakers) are part of the prolific artistic endeavor that the Museo will present from July 1 through July 24.

Another exhibition entitled Claudio Bravo. The Chilean Years, 1951-1960 will open on July 16 at the Corporación Cultural de Las Condes (Apoquindo 6570). It will show part of the artistic production Bravo created while he resided in Chile, at a time when the artist had still not clearly defined the realist technique that characterized his later works. Consisting of approximately 80 drawings and paintings, this second exhibition presents a different side of Bravo.



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