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Alfredo Jaar. A logo for America, 1987. Installation. Source:

Alfredo Jaar presents A logo for America again


New York, NY

Chilean artist Alfredo Jaar presents, after 27 years, his public-art installation A logo for America. This work, a digital billboard with the words “This is not America” written on a US map, will be on exhibit at the same site, New York City’s Times Square. Visitors to central Manhattan will be able to see it for three minutes right before midnight, in the month of August.

A logo for America is an iconic 45-second installation first presented by Jaar in 1987. There, the artist illustrates the erroneous application of the name “America” only to a section of the continent; almost 30 years later, his protest retains its currency. 

According to the Guggenheim museum, Jaar underscores the fact that “language is not innocent and reflects a geopolitical reality”, and that “the use of the word ‘America’ in the United States, erroneously referred to a single country rather than a continent, is a clear expression of the US’ political, financial, and cultural domination of the rest of the continent”. 

The exhibition is made possible thanks to the Times Square Advertising Coalition (TSAC) and Times Square Arts, in collaboration with the Guggenheim Museum and as part of the Midnight Moment Program. 




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