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Ana Longoni

Ana Longoni, New Head of Public Activities
Museo Reina Sofia


Madrid, Spain

A few months back, Manolo Borja, director of the Museo Reina Sofia, offered Argentinean art historian and curator Ana Longoni the post as head of the museum's department of Public Activities. Longoni began to serve in that capacity in February of this year.

Ana Longoni faces one of the greatest challenges of her career. The department that she now heads "is a central part of the radical policy of transformation of the very idea of the museum" spearheaded by the directorship since 2008—which on January 20 renewed its mandate for five more years. In an interview with the Argentinean periodical Clarín, Longoni said, "The goal is to replace the privatistic or exclusive notion of what a collection is for that of a shared archive that defines a museum as a space for intervention and echo chamber for public debate."

Ana Longoni obtained a Doctor of Arts degree from the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) and is a cultural studies researcher with a focus on the intersection between arts and politics, artistic activism, vanguards, and the recent history of Latin America. She has been collaborating with the Museo Reina Sofía for ten years. Longoni curated the 2011 retrospective exhibition by Roberto Jacoby titled "Desire Rises from Collapse" and participated, as member of the curatorial team, in the exhibition "Loosing the Human Form" about the intersections between art and politics in Latin America during the 1980s.

In her new post, she will be entrusted with selecting educational programs and managing the museum's library and vast Documentation Center. She will also run the higher education programs, the scheduling of conferences, seminars, workshops, audiovisual series, performances, experimental music, as well as decide the policies regarding the museum's collaboration networks and the Study Center. "Here is where I can have a greater impact,” Longoni pointed out, 

"helping shape research initiatives that transversally influence other areas in and out of the museum."

The appointment of Ana Longoni was announced at the same time as that of Inés Katzenstein (Argentina) as MoMA's director of the Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Research Institute for the Study of Art from Latin America, in New York. "I am in conversations with Inés about collaborating in shared projects," says Longoni. "It also represents a recognition of Latin America that will hopefully translate into an openness to other logics, shake consolidated narratives univocally established from the centers, destroy certainties, invert the colonial flow, and 'Latin-Americanize' the museum a little bit."



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