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"Peruvian Contemporary Art"?Third Contemporary Art Exhibition

"Peruvian Contemporary Art"?Third Contemporary Art Exhibition
La Fondation Taylor and ComparArt


Paris, France

Until February 24 of 2018, La Fondation Taylor in Paris will exhibit works by twenty Peruvian visual artists.

While France has previously organized exhibitions centered on Incan and pre-Incan heritage, this is the first time that an exhibition of works by prominent contemporary Peruvian artists is presented in this European country.

Displayed across three levels of the foundation, the exhibition pays tribute to sculptor Alberto Guzmán, who died last November in Paris. It includes the participation of Gerardo Chávez, an artist recently honored in a retrospective at the Museo de la Nación in Lima. The show also includes sculptures, paintings, and photographs by the following artists: Fabián Sánchez, Hermán Braun-Vega, Jota Castro, Rafael Hastings, Gino Ceccarelli, Ángel Chávez Achong, Annie Flores, Ana de Orbegoso, Pablo Blanco, Enrique Polanco, Fernando de la Jara, Alberto Quintanilla, Olga Luna, and Martin Salazar. Their works are part of important private and museum collections around the world.

The exhibition was spearheaded by painter and Peruvian art promoter Malena Santillana. She is also the founder of Comparart, a nonprofit Peruvian association that, among its members, includes the other artists like sculptors Giannina Lanatta and Anna María Westphalen, and photographer César Delgado Wixan. Alongside Santillana, they also show their work in this exhibition, the association's third exhibition project.

Most of the artists participating in the exhibition have lived or live in France, where they studied and have been influenced by pictorial proposals from around the world. Based on their millenary cultural roots, the contemporary art visions of these Peruvian artists have been enriched by the exposure to French culture.

"Peruvian Contemporary Art"–Third Contemporary Art Exhibition was possible because of the success of ComparArt Peru 2014 and ComparArt Peru-France 2016, the two previous exhibition projects that welcomed 50,000 visitors to the Museo de la Nación de Lima, in association with the Peruvian Ministry of Culture and the support of La Fondation Taylor in Paris and the French Drouot Group.




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