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Museo Leonora Carrington

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Museo Leonora Carrington
Centro de las Artes San Luis Potosí Centenario


The Centro de las Artes San Luis Potosí "Centenario" will house the first museum dedicated to surrealist artist Leonora Carrington. There will be two spaces, the first will be inaugurated on March 22 in the city of San Luis Potosí, and the second in July in the magical town of Xilitla, in the western region of the Mexican state. An initiative of San Luis Potosí's governor, Juan Manuel Carreras-López, and the artist's son, Pablo Weisz-Carrington, the institution received an investment of nearly 287,000,000.00 MXN (15,247,950.00 USD), according to the government of San Luis Potosí.

"I do not want all those works locked in a house. It would not be fair. Keeping them from the public would be detrimental to the memory of my mother," said Pablo Weisz in a press conference.

The collection will include the sculptural works created by Carrington during the last years of her life, from small pieces to monumental ones measuring close to seven meters in height. Likewise, the collection of more than one hundred pieces includes: jewelry, engravings, lithographs, and sketches never before exhibited by the English-born Mexican artist.

The museum will occupy the space formerly used to process the inmates of the building that was once a prison and today is the Centro de las Artes San Luis Potosí "Centenario." The space has an area of 2,500 square meters (about 26,910 square feet) of which 2,422 square meters (about 26,070 square feet) were revamped.

This project spearheaded by the government consists of four buildings with around 20 exhibition areas as well as a central patio and four outdoor areas with monumental sculptures. The museum will offer creative workshops for publics of different ages and guided group visits; the library will have specialized and archival materials, and there will be an audiovisual room in which to screen videos, offer performances and conferences. There will also be a gift shop and a café. The "Leonora Carrington" information room offers insight in the life and work of the artist through biographical material, texts and personal objects, while the "Surrealism" room offers information to bring the public closer to the collection's historical and artistic context.

The goal of the museum is to become an international central referent for the study of the work by Leonora Carrington through the dissemination and development of the collection, academic research, and digital strategies developed in house.

Additionally, those responsible for the museum foresee the organization of encounters between researchers, seminars, and talks aimed at generating exchanges between the local community and visitors of the center.

The temporary exhibitions will focus on the historical relationships associated with Leonora Carrington's work and other works representing current artistic practices.

The museum will offer artist residencies with the objective of generating exchanges between the local community and visitors. The museum's International Center for the Study and Dissemination of Surrealism is a space dedicated to research surrounding that artistic movement with a strong Mexican presence. 



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