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Artespacio Joven BBVA 2018

2018 Young Artespacio BBVA Competition
Banco BBVA ? Galería Artespacio


The fourth edition of the call Young Artespacio BBVA Competition, organized by the Banco BBVA and the Galería Artespacio, will remain open until March 30. The exhibition of the works selected will take place in June of this year. The call has become a vehicle to showcase a renewed vision of the future of art in Chile.

With this competition the two institutions responsible for organizing it aim to: encourage creation and innovation by young Chilean artists; create a launching platform for young emerging talent from Chile; and generate a space of encounter between artists and the public.

Competition requirements:

1.The call is open to Chilean visual artists under the age of 35 (by December 2018) and with at least three years of professional activity (exhibitions, participation in competitions, etc.).

2.The call is also open to international artists with a verifiable residence period in Chile of at least five years.

3.Winner of past editions of the competition (2015, 2016, and 2017) cannot participate. 

4.Candidates can choose any subject matter and approach for their proposals. Participants in the call must submit a work never before published that underscores a 21st century contemporary tendency.

5.No category distinctions will be considered when awarding the works.

6.Two-dimensional works must not be larger than 120 × 130 cm. For photographs, the length of the smallest side must not be less than 60 cm or more than 100 cm. Three-dimensional works and/or installations cannot be over 140 cm high or over 80 cm wide.

About the applications:

Must be submitted by email to the gallery email address in two attached documents:

1.A PDF document that includes personal information, full name, date of birth, RUT [tax payer ID number] , current address, telephone number, email address, and a brief CV that includes professional information as an artist (exhibitions, residencies, awards, and grants).

2.A PDF document with a dossier of the candidate's work that includes at least 6 projects created in the past two years, each accompanied by a complete information label (name, year, media, and dimensions).

Every PDF document must include the participant's name and last name and specify whether it is personal information or a dossier. The information must not exceed 3MB and must be sent in a single email to the following email address: by March 30. 

Pre-selection will be announced by email on Wednesday, April 4.

Three awards and two honorable mentions will be granted:

First Place: 2,900,000.00 CLP (4,843.00 USD) plus 10 % fee

Second Place: 2,600,000.00 CLP (4,342.00 USD) plus 10 % fee

Third Place: 2,000,000.00 CLP (3,340.00 USD) plus 10 % fee

Honorable Mentions: Each honorable mention will consists of an Ipad (9.7” 32 GB Wi Fi)

Finalist works will be included in an exhibition at the Galería Artespacio in the month of June and will include an inaugural event as well as press promotion.

The jury will be formed by Manuel Olivares, president of the Grupo BBVA Chile; Cristian Salineros; Alejandra Villasmil; and Beatriz Bustos.




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