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Aisha Asconiga. Wake

Aisha Asconiga. El devenir

Aisha Asconiga. Esperando un bien mayor

Aisha Ascóniga, "The Violence of Images"
Centro Cultural Pérez de la Riva


Madrid, Spain

The exhibition titled "The Violence of Images" by Peruvian artist Aisha Ascóniga will remain open at the Centro Cultural Pérez de la Riva in Las Rozas, Madrid, until March 24, 2018.

In this exhibition Aisha Ascóniga features a group of collages, photographs, and painting that reveal and refer to the manipulation of information, consumerism, propaganda—particularly, the operation of replacing reality with images—as well as the symbolic violence that threatens and omnivorously looms over us with its canons of life, happiness, and progress measured only by Western standards and its universalism. In addition, the works reflect of psychological and emotional disorders generated from that violence and personal dissatisfaction. Her equation offers compelling, strong and unequivocal images

About Ascóniga's work, Cuban curator Daniel G. Alfonso writes the following: "In my opinion, Aisha Ascóniga has found the ideal formula to seduce a very diverse and heterogeneous public. Behind each of her creations we are able to recognize a visually and formally coherent style, gaze, and aesthetic that, with the inclusion of some unsettling touches, ironically question the role of some women today. Visitors will be able to interact with works that favor the process above the final result. In other words, Ascóniga manipulates the images as she pleases. She uses clippings from fashion magazines, creates splendid collages, and then captures the desired image with her camera. What we observe are long hours of work, analysis, and experimentation, during which she tries new elements, colors, tools, etc. […] As result, the public will find in the exhibition space clippings alongside her own pages and magazine covers, collages, and paintings. Aisha Ascóniga's main source of inspiration is a self-monitoring operation system that looks at itself."

"The Violence of Images" also showcases Ascóniga's denunciation of the type of violence against images perpetrated by the prevailing cult of beauty.




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