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Glenda León and Adán Vallecillo, Winners of the LARA Award and a Residency at FLORA, respectively


Panama City, Panama

Cuban artist Glenda León won the prize granted by the Latin American Roaming Art (LARA) award. It consists of a two-week art residency, from May 21 to June 3 of 2018, at the Metropolitan Museum in Manila (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Malate-Manila (1554), Philippines; For this 2017 edition in Panama, LARA offered an additional award that consists of a one month residency in Honda, Colombia. The winner of this residency was Honduran artist Adán Vallecillo.

This residency program is a joint project with FLORA, an independent space in Bogota. 

The Latin American Roaming Art (LARA) Project consists of a yearly invitation directed to eight artists to participate in a residency in a location of particular interest, each time in a different Latin American country. Based on this experience, the eight artists produce a work of art that will be later included in a group exhibition. The 2017 edition took place in Albrook, a point of congregation located in the old zone of the Panama Canal. The results of these residencies were exhibited in the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Panamá, from November 21, 2017, to January 21, 2018, under the curatorship of Cuban Gerardo Mosquera and Colombian José Roca, curator of the LARA Collection.

The artists that participated in the 2017 edition of the LARA Project were: José Braithwaite (Panama), Eric Fajardo (Panama), Katherinne Fiedler (Lima), Glenda León (Cuba), Frances Gallardo (Puerto Rico), Andrea Mármol (Guatemala), Rachelle Mozman (Panama), and Adán Vallecillo (Honduras). In addition to the works created by these artists, the exhibition also included works by two other artists that were created during the residencies that followed their participation in LARA 2016. These artists are María José Arjona (Colombia), whose residency was in Manila, and Manuela Ribadeneira (Ecuador), whose residency was in Honda. 

LARA aims to initiate discourse, critical thinking and interaction with local Latin American communities based on the concept of creation through experience. It is structured to allow artists to reflect upon the diversity of landscape, political, social, anthropological, and ethnographic issues of the location they visit. As a philanthropic venture, it also aims to introduce art and culture to underprivileged areas, providing educational workshops for local communities.




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