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Juvenal Ravelo. Photo: Paolo Collarino

Armando Reverón AVAP Awards 2017


Susana Benko

The Asociación Venezolana de Artistas Plásticos [Venezuelan Association of Visual Artists] has presented the Armando Reverón Award every year since 1990. This award recognizes the work of certain artists from different generations who represent different areas of the visual arts. The award is named after one of the most important artists that Venezuela has ever had. As result, the award is usually presented every May 10, the day that Reverón was born. Unfortunately, since 2014 and until last year the award has not been presented on the same date because of the unstable situation in Venezuela.

On this occasion, the jury was formed by artists Nan González, Jorge Pizzani, Diana Lander, and Felipe Herrera. They decided to grant the Painting Award to Juvenal Ravelo, one of the representatives of Venezuelan Kinetic Art and an artist with a long and distinguished international career. This year, Ravelo will participate in the exhibition titled Homage to the Kinetic Art of Venezuela and France, sponsored by the Embassy of France in Venezuela. It will be presented at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Caracas, a museum that, incidentally, has been recently renamed Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Armando Reverón. 

The Sculpture Award went to Gaudí Esté, an artist whose wood carvings reveal an unmistakable style that relies on a figuration thematically centered on animals. In the category of Conceptual Art, the award was granted to Héctor Fuenmayor, who, since the 1970s to this day, has been one of the most outstanding contemporary artists from Venezuela. Multidisciplinary artist Nela Ochoa received the award in the category of Multimedia Art. While she works the theme of the body in several mediums, in her video art projects she develops the theme by also incorporating social issues. The Young Artist Award recognized the kinetic and abstract-geometric work with optical effects of Martin G. Schoffell, a Venezuelan artist based in Miami.

These awards from 2017 were presented last March at the Hotel Embassy Suites in Caracas. The AVP's board of directors, integrated by sculptors Humberto Cazorla and Abigail Varela, and by landscape architect Vicente Rosa, will present in May the awards corresponding to the 2018 edition of the event. 




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