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Colombian Artist to Exhibit Work in the Sculpture Park in Chengdu


Los Angeles, California

The Chinese government has invited Colombian artist Joaquín Restrepo to create a sculpture for the new sculpture park that will open in the Natural Park of Chengdu. The new section is part of the longest urban green path in the world (500 kilometers long).

The project will be developed in several stages. The first of them occurred between April 22 and April 28. It involved a visit by Restrepo to the city of Chengdu, where he met with sculptors and artists from the city and other neighboring towns to get to know the space and develop the concept for the piece.

In December of last year, a delegation from Chengdu was captivated by the Colombian artist's bronze sculptures exhibited in the Riverside Art Museum, in Beijing (China); an show made possible by the Galería LGM and the Colombian Embassy in China.

According to Joaquín Restrepo, "This invitation confirms an intuition I had eight years ago when I arrived in China with my first exhibition there. At that moment, I felt that there was a very special connection between my work and the people of Asia," and adds, "The Chinese government gave me complete freedom, so the there are no boundaries when it comes to height or materials. This unexpected news is very gratifying indeed and feels like a reward for my work and an encouragement to resume my work and become even more focused on it after the break I took as result of my mother's death. This piece will be dedicated to her."



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