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Curators and Artists Participating in the Cuenca Biennial


Cuenca, Ecuador

On April 19, the Cuenca Biennial, in Ecuador, announced the artists that will participate in the 14th edition of the event taking place between November 23, 2018, and February 3, 2019. The biennial will be under the curatorship of Jesús Fuenmayor (Caracas, 1963) and Caracas-based Cuban curator Félix Suazo (Havana, 1966) will serve as the pedagogical curator.

During the months of August and October of 2017, the Cuenca Biennial gave Jesús Fuenmayor 130 portfolios of the Ecuadorian artists who answered the call. The curator selected 20 and then visited their studios in Cuenca, Guayaquil and Quito. After those visits, Fuenmayor chose thirteen of those artists to join the forty international artists that had already been personally invited by the curator. While the actual number of artists invited was 53, several of them work as part of a group of two or more artists. But the total number of projects or works to be displayed at the official exhibition is actually forty-five, and twenty-six of these are works specially commissioned for the occasion.

The announcement was also used to unveil the official image of the 14th edition of the Biennial. It was developed by the event's design and communications team. It is a visual proposal aimed at reflecting the "Living Structures" curatorial concept—Art as plural experience proposed by Fuenmayor.

According to Jesús Fuenmayor, "This curatorial proposal invites us to reflect on the ways we interact with art in order to bring into focus the idea of art as a plural experience: aesthetic, sensorial, intellectual, emotional, affective, psychological, but also political, sociological, and anthropological."

The pedagogical component entrusted to Félix Suazo proposed instituting a "Board of Parents and Teachers" to create working teams formed by representatives of different educational institutions, with the goal of generating ideas for the creation of ludic-didactic material to be used by parents and teachers aimed at strengthening the ties between art, education, and community. Once the process has been completed, the material will be printed and distributed to the educational institutions in the city.

The event was attended by Mayor of Cuenca, Marcelo Cabrera-Palacios, the representative of the Ministry of Culture of Cuenca, Tamara Landívar; general curator, Jesús Fuenmayor; pedagogical curator, Félix Suazo; the institution's executive director, Cristóbal Zapata; along with several local and international artists who are part of the group of artists invited to the official exhibition.

The international artists participating in the event are: Rey Akdogan (Germany-US), Lara Almárcegui (Spain—The Netherlands), Carla Arocha (Venezuela- Belgium) and Stéphane Schraenen (Belgium), Diego Barboza (Venezuela), Lothar Baumgarten (Germany), Erick Beltrán (Mexico-Spain), Julien Bismuth (France-US), Jessica Briceño (Chile), Nina Canell and Robin Watkins (Sweden), Leyla Cárdenas (Colombia), Yaima Carrazana (Cuba-The Netherlands), Benvenuto Chavajay (Guatemala), Lygia Clark and Eduardo Clark (Brazil), Patricia Dauder (Spain), Jorge Eielson (Peru), José Gabriel Fernández (Venezuela-US), Finishing School (Nadia Afghani, Matt Fisher, Ed Giardina, Jason Plapp, Jean Robison) (US), Dara Friedman (US), Pablo Helguera (Mexico-US), Ana Guedes (Portugal), Fritzia Irizar (Mexico), Birger Lipinski (Sweden) and Laercio Redondo (Brazil), Cecilia López (Argentina), Carlos Martiel (Cuba-US), Ana Mazzei (Brazil), Felipe Meres (Brazil-US), Oscar Abraham Pabón (Venezuela—The Netherlands), Ishmael Randall-Weeks (Peru-US), Jimmy Robert (France-Rumania), Matheus Rocha Pitta (Brazil), Sergio Vega (Argentina-US) and Franz Erhard Walther (Germany).

The Ecuadorian artists that will participate in the 14th edition of the Cuenca Biennial are: Adrián Balseca (Quito), Pablo Barriga (Quito), Ilich Castillo (Guayaquil), Pamela Cevallos (Quito), Gabriela Chérrez (Guayaquil), Jenny Jaramillo (Quito), José Luis Macas (Quito), María José Machado (Cuenca), David Orbea (Guayaquil), Estefanía Peñafiel (Quito-Paris), Santiago Reyes (Quito-Paris), Manuela Ribadeneira (Quito-London) and Juliana Vidal (Cuenca) 




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